Fictional News Bulletins In Films & TV

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Fake news or radio bulletins for tv and film
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Need I say anymore …

Ron Burgundy!


If i’m not mistaken, in the movie San Andreas, there is a US news bulletin called “Channel 9 News”.


I always liked the news in Robocop - “You give us 3 minutes and we’ll give you the world”

Mario Machado and Leeza Gibbons are the anchors.


How’s this set on ISN (Intersteller Network News)



Well you definitely can’t leave out Hamish MacDonald and Ten News being featured in Olympus Has Fallen


Another one
HBO The Newsroom, the entire show has Fictional news bulletins

US network Starz tv show Blunt Talk

In the Michael J Fox Show - he plays a weather man/anchor who returns to NBC 4 despite have Parkinson’s.

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That show always had a shakey start. But once it was underway it was great.

Its only a joke. I told my grandad who has parkinsons this joke he loved it and said it was OK.

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Meet The Breakfast Bar team

No The Breakfast Bar is not a new breakfast show for TEN, but the fictional show-within-a-show from The Wrong Girl.

Jessica Marais plays a producer on the series, which sees Craig McLachlan and Madeleine West as brekkie TV anchors.

Not based on anyone in particular of course….

The cast also features Hamish Blake, Rob Collins, Ian Meadows, Doris Younane, Steve Vizard, Ian Meadows, Hayley Magnus, Kevin Harrington, Leah Vandenberg, Christie Whelan Browne, Hugo Johnstone-Burt, David Woods and Cecelia Peters.

In the 1995 movie Jackie Chan’s First Strike, Garry Wilkinson (who was working at Seven at that time) presented a fake news bulletin. Half of the movie was filmed in Brisbane.

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BBC News in anamorphic aspect ratio “Breaking the news before it happens” :slight_smile:


Which movie was that from?

I’m surprised that the mock National Nine News bulletin with Ian “Roscoe” Ross during the 1997 Australian movie The Castle hasn’t been mentioned here yet.

This movie is also notable for including a mock segment from “The Price Is Right” with Larry Emdur.


Absolutely Fabulous.

Sky News in anamorphic aspect ratio from Kingsman the Secret Service

In TV Sky News


Does SportsNight count?


Here is an upcoming NZ Film Pork Pie, a remake of the Kiwi Classic Goodbye Pork Pie

Watch the trailer here.

4:3 Prime News with Eric Young

Newshub Breaking news live pursuit

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Faux ‘Evening News’ set in ‘Truth’

The Robert Redford helmed film “Truth,” which chronicles Dan Rather’s fall from CBS News after a discredited report on President George W. Bush’s military record, has failed to impress audiences and won’t win any awards for its faux “CBS Evening News” set either. - See more here.

Faux Set