Fictional News Bulletins In Films & TV


Arrested Development Season 4

Adjusting indoor antenna to remove simulated snow and intereference on a digital TV !!??! :nerd_face:




No clock and weather. Poor effort. 2/10.


CBS’s new summer series Salvation


Bulletin from Utopia


Fairly obvious from the images :slight_smile: :shark:


The Mummy’s version of BBC News


From Blue Murder.

May, 2014:

Missed the 2008 ones but I will try to get them.


From Get Krack!n about a fictional very-early-morning show - starts next Wednesday on ABC.


Breakfast Bar including promo for new host using Ten’s v/o guy


Some great ideas here for commercial TV coverage of BREAKIGN NEWS from Get Krack!n and its lead out The Breakfast Gang

Exklusive watermark


I think I know where “Get Krack!n” got the ideas from their graphics from…

Full screen transitions - Today, Channel Nine.
Logo - The Morning Show, Channel Seven
"Live" corner graphic - Sunrise/Seven News.
“Eklusive” watermark - Commercial TV News generally + News Corp Online.


The Live corner graphic is very obvious. And the spelling? :grin:


Faux election coverage from KSGU 8 Fort Grey from a new ABC US comedy show The Mayor. Bit more effort than usual. Lea Michele from Glee easily recognisable as well.


Interesting choice of faux news service in season 2 of The Ex-PM


Well, the font used and the “red overload” isn’t overly dissimilar to the actual branding of Prime7’s news bulletins! :stuck_out_tongue:

Although I do wonder if Prime7 gave permission to the producers of “The Ex-PM” to use their logo!


Looks BBC-esque. I’m pretty sure the reporter was voiced by Anne Fulwood



It’s actually a template from VideoHive


From the “Sneak Peek” for Sisters, Ten News with Natarsha Belling!

No “Eyewitness” or “First At Five” for the corner logo, but other than that probably one of the more convincing mock news bulletins from Australia so far.


Ex-PM Andrew Dugdale interviewed by Virginia Trioli on ABC