Fictional News Bulletins In Films & TV


For the lack of a better thread, a “Oz Sport” cover-up from one of the Kath & Kim episodes that Nine replayed last night:

Of course, Kath & Kim has been known to make many references to real life TV programs (with one episode during the 2007 Seven series being set around Sharon & Kim going on Deal Or No Deal) including quick scenes of actual TV content on screens. From the same episode as the cap above…glimpses of TVSN, a VFL match on the ABC (I think), Bananas In Pyjamas and E! News Live:


Ten Eyewitness News features again in the latest Sisters promo for the show, this time with Sandra Sully

Fictional Current Affairs show, “Face to Face”

Can be seen here:



it looks like this show was made for MediaSpy


Not only for the graphics, but the content too. A brilliant parody/at times terrifyingly accurate portrayal of what network free to air news has become in Australia.


Apparently there was BREAKING NEWS in National City this week.


How could you tell. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: This looks like something out of The Chaser’s CNNNN.


Channel 6 News reporting from the Logies Red Carpet



I thought it meant Bishop was reporting for a program called 6PM.


Let’s not forget CNNNN:


I don’t know about you, but I’m certainly feeling Fungry!


More Sisters


WIN TV coverage of by-election on The Ex-PM. Looks like another template in use for the opener.

Subtle placement of in-program ads :slight_smile:


From the episode of CSI that aired on Nine last night, another real life news service depicted in a fictional television program.

8 News Now from KLAS-TV, the CBS affiliate in Las Vegas with (since retired) newsreader Paula Francis:


Kingsman The Golden Circle




Auckland Museum has updated their Earthquake house newsreel

With the new logo and new clips and cutaways from TVNZ

Starts off as you enter with 1 News Breaking News video presented by Daniel Faitaua and a news report by Melissa Stokes speaking to a scientist.

Then when you enter the quake house you watch a clip presented by Greg Boyed throws to a report by Jessica Mutch and then a short interview with a Scientist.

Follows the same script as the old clip 3 mins in


Muriel’s Wedding which featured Richard Morecroft (in voice only):


Another one I’m surprised hasn’t been mentioned in this thread: Former Nine/Ten/Sky News presenter John Mangos has presented mock news segments for just about every Paul Fenech comedy program/movie (Fat Pizza, Swift & Shift Couriers, Housos, etc.) ever!


I’m guessing we’d have no idea if this is from a real episode of GMA or not.