Fictional News Bulletins In Films & TV


That breaking news ‘stamp’ in the right hand corner with the logo is really nice. Should use that on air properly.



I went about 2 years ago and they’ve ​unfortunately stoped that. It’s completely different now.


From the telemovie Schapelle:

Somewhat close to the branding that National Nine News was using in the time period this is set in, but it doesn’t look quite right to me. If possible, I probably would’ve tried to use footage of the actual story introductions from news bulletins of the time.


The first season of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt featured at least one humorous TV captions

The latest Season 3 the writers had a lot of fun with a sequence about a hurricane headed for NYC especially the news craw - here is one screen grab.


Some nice clear caps

And the video from the scenes. as well as some radio scenes which were from Fern FM? or something along those lines who also simulcasted the fictional 1 News bulletin.



Trial and Error - Good Morning and Good Afternoon East Peck


Unfortunately video not available in AUS. Some screen caps from Veep. Like the “sunrise” shadow effect on the supers logo.


A couple of other Veep screen shots from earlier series (yes that’s the guy from Fresh Off the Boat).


Not a lot of green featured in Australian news broadcasts. However, on Arrow.


worse than prime 7 news with their red.


Channel 8 News on Cleverman; they have used this theme consistently through season one and it appears again in the new season. I like it.


Apparently San Andreas used CNN for its news which featured 7 News:


A promo Ten ran for Anchorman 2


Which I believe was actual footage from the Boxing Day Tsunami


Looks more like a flood in Australia.


Does this count as a faux news program? From Mad as Hell - the branding is a bit old though.

The companion show to the companion show to the companion show to Dr Who


From the unaired episode of Powerless (a superhero comedy) featuring Adam West that has been made available on You Tube. TV News showing a tweet from President Luthor


And here’s Seven News on Nine! :upside_down_face: