Fetch TV


Yeah, that’d be good.


Thx. Not getting the option to pair. Must be my phone. :thinking:


on the phone or fetch? the updte is still rolling out


On the fetch. Maybe I don’t have it yet. The option to Bluetooth is in the menu tho.


For those in regional areas 7Food Network is now on the 7Plus app on the Fetch. For Tassie that’s the easy way to now watch 7Flix and 7Food.


I wish Nine and Ten would add live streams to their Fetch apps.


Have an announcement on my Fetch this morning that from December 31 TVH!TS and 111funny will be disappearing after failure to agree to a new contract.
Disney XD will also cease from Jan 6 as they are ceasing in Australia.

They say an exciting new channel will start on Jan 1 though.


That’s fucked. The only two decent general entertainment channels - both owned by Foxtel.


I’m peeved deeply, I only just purchased fetch a couple of weeks ago and I’m losing two of my favourite channels already.


What a disappointment. Leaves a huge gap in the Entertainment category and it was good having some uniquely Aussie channels in the mix.


Yeah, I watched 111 frequently and it was good not having to worry about Foxtel with that especially since I’m about to cancel my Foxtel and go to Kayo. I hope the new channel is decent but I guess there’s not much they can do when Foxtel owns the channels and they can’t reach an agreement.


Are Fetch getting a little to popular and Foxtel is getting a bit narky.


Possible. But it’s not the first time they’ve dropped Foxtel channels.


I wonder if there’s enough content out there for fetch to acquire to make their own channel?


I think that’s it exactly.


Fetch need to update the ABC2 logo/channel name.


Wow, i had no idea about this, (as i don’t go into those menu options) been with fetch for close to 4 years, and living in country SA, i have been waiting for 7flixs for so long, thank you for this info.

one question i have, I seem to getting my from Adelaide, is this because fetch knows my address or because my ISP is from Adelaide? if i changed to a brisbane based ISP, would i get brisbane 7flixs?


Wonder what the channel will be^


find out Monday - it’s not news, sport, food, music or kids from what’s been said on the Fetch facebook page.


I think it will be another documentary channel.