Fetch TV


I have Fetch. This month purchased the vibe package for ‘E’ after rescuing all of my Foxtel packages.

If Fetch had Arena, I’d get rid of Foxtel completely.


You can get Hayu (thru Fetch I believe), that has all the Arena stuff plus more.


Interesting that Fetch is selling a stack of movies and television series. I haven’t bought any as I find them too expensive, and some titles are available on Netflix and Foxtel anyway.


I have the option to get it for free from Optus but chose not to as I see no need for it, I have my own equipment which is no locked down.

PVR? check via a MPEG4 HD STRONG STU and my own SSD.
Streaming various platforms? Check via chromecast and smartphone/computer and that also includes old school DLNA method
Certain Pay TV channels? Check? The vast majority I have no interest in so that is easily bypassed legally mind you.

A good exampe of that is music, I somply go to Youtube and find a playlist and pump that audio through my system, its about the same quality as you would get from lets say MTV Classic.

As for rest of what fetch offers, it would only be stability in that its there ready for you to view over having to source various content yourself.

I should note that it helps having 500GB 100/2.5 broadband cable from Optus since NBN HFC wont be at my place till at least mid 2020 according the current NBN adress check.


So some new news about Optus Sport.

The team at Redfern VOC are doing internal trial testing of UDH streaming for Fetch system

Locally produced content potential for live UHD streaming of other sports that Optis have the rights to but at this stage it will only be for Fetch hardware cuatomer and only for Ootus direct customers (it will be IP matched so if you are Fetch Optus but get internet from lets say TPG you wont be able to get the UHD content as the IP is not from Optus).

When will this start? I’m told as early as October.


So our Fetch box decided to do an update in the middle of the second quarter a few minutes ago. Is it completely random when this occurs? Be rather pissed off if it occurred at the end of a close match or during the Melbourne Cup.


I’ve always had to force an update on the Fetch by pulling the power and doing a restart, never had one happen automatically. The Foxtel Now box does what happened to your Fetch, does random updates.


We have a weird situation for a while now where we need to turn Fetch off at the power point turn the TV on from standby then turn Fetch back on otherwise we get no signal to the TV. Quite weird all around. Probably time for a new telly.


Fetch will be available to Aussie Broadband subscribers from December.


Hi does anyone know if Fetch Tv is compatible with Telstra


Fetch TV bought from a retail outlet and subscribed directly to Fetch is compatible with any ISP. Fetch TV from iiNet, Aussie, etc as part of a monthly bundle is locked to that ISP.

More info here. You’d need to buy the box outright then subscribe directly to Fetch.


Fetch have just started rolling out their next update with some pretty cool things. You can now pair with bluetooth speakers for playing elsewhere or through headphones or you can send from a bluetooth source to the Fetch. I tried that with Spotify and it worked perfectly with all the song info in there with both my Mighty and Mini boxes.

The other really cool thing is you can now watch FTA channels on a box through streaming from the Mighty box. We have bad reception in our bedroom where the Mini is and I tested that and it worked great. It is a few seconds delayed as to be expected but streams really well just like they have always done with recordings on the other box.

I’m really impressed with the Fetch box compared to our IQ3 this one is super handy and is our full time box. The only thing that would be amazing on it is a Kayo Sports app but I’m thinking that’s a fair bit of dreaming involved there but I’d be all over that like a fat kid on a cupcake.


Cheers mate, Harvey Norman here have them on special at the moment. I have Netflix but I thought I would shout myself one for my Birthday… And I’m with Telstra so I thought I would do some checking and thanks for giving me the info much appreciated


I just want Arena on Fetch and then I’d get rid of Foxtel.


Fetch and Netflix etc… all work great with the Fetch. They really integrate well.


I might be one out here, but I’ve found the Fetch Mighty crap - the remote is woeful, the UI unresponsive and really poorly laid out. (Dont get me wrong, the IQ3/4 isnt much better)

TiVo really had this nailed - shame they are defunct in Australia (yes i know about the homebrew stuff)


How did you do the Spotify play?


I’ve heard a few people say about the remote but I don’t mind it. It doesn’t hurt as much if it gets thrown at me and works great for changing the Tv volume.
UI for me I find great and it integrates well with all the catch up apps only time Ive found it slow is when the internet is running slow.

never used the Tivo. IQ3 is much better than when it came out but is still terrible.


Just paired it with my phone in the Bluetooth settings in the audio/video page on the Fetch and started Spotify on my phone.


Works with Apple Music too

Shame they didn’t bake in Spotify support like some of the smart TVs