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The Australian Financial Review reports today that Optus is set to renew its contract with Fetch TV, so the telco can broadcast English Premier League matches through the pay TV service to subscribers. The current five-year contract between Optus and Fetch expires this year.


As posted elsewhere, Comedy Central will launch on Fetch on April 1.
Fetch TV chief Scott Lorsen has told Mediaweek that the number of subscribers doubled in 2015, from 150,000 to 300,000, and is on track to pass 500,000 later this year.


Fetch is definitely a worthwhile product, I am happy with it. On Optus: Unlimited data+phone+fetch box+paytv channels all for $90/month. It has netflix and stan apps, plus apps for all catchup services excluding Nine’s.


Coinciding with today’s announcement that Optus will get some FIFA World Cup matches in return for SBS getting one English Premier League match per week, Optus has also revealed its plans to broadcast EPL in full, including a 24-hour EPL channel on Fetch. Every EPL match will be shown live on Fetch, mobile, online and via satellite to clubs and pubs. Click here for the full press release.
So basically, Optus’ coverage of EPL is the same as Fox Sports but with the additional EPL app.


Optus will want to fix their FetchTV availability before the EPL season then - they continue to say that I cant get the service


Have you tried Dodo or iiNet? You can also buy a Fetch set top box directly from Harvey Norman.


Only Optus’ FetchTV offering will have EPL


Not at all the same as Foxtel coverage of the EPL! Only Optus customers can access EPL on Fetch or app. This is a very inferior service to what was/is available via Foxtel.


how? At the moment only Foxtel customers can access the EPL coverage


Changing ISPs is a bit different than subscribing to Foxtel as an addon service - Foxtel also at least offers a Satellite service, so those with terrible internet don’t get left out.

They should certainly be offering it through non-Optus Fetch devices at a premium - so people at least have that option if they are in a situation where only the one ISP serves their area well, or Optus would be a downgrade from Cable to ADSL.


The Optus satellite broadcast platform for customers who either can’t access Optus’ broadband services, or can’t get High Definition content via their broadband service. The satellite service will also deliver live games via Optus’ EPL channel to commercial premises, including pubs and clubs.


Agreed Moe… the big problem I have is that I don’t want to change ISP. I was hoping I could buy a Fetch box and pay Optus for their app but keep my own ISP. I have no desire to change to SingTel’s Optus or Virgin, both companies have caused me huge problems in the past. It’s a very bad and selfish commercial decision by Optus and may force people to attempt to get the EPL illegally! The Foxtel coverage has always been excellent. Foxtel has many problems but EPL wasn’t one of them.


Commercial decisions are always “selfish”, because they are there to act in the best interests of the companies involved. Is Optus selfish for wanting to get the most out of a multi-million dollar deal?


Yes! I would be prepared to purchase a Fetch TV box and pay them for their EPL coverage (app or whatever). I don’t want their internet or other telco services! As I stated previously Foxtel has many faults expense etc. but they don’t force customers to change their ISP! And Optus has taken something from a full TV service to stream it. It may be good but then again maybe not!


Two days after Leicester City clinched its first ever Premier League title, Optus has revealed pricing and plans for its coverage for the next season. Most importantly, you must be an Optus customer (postpaid mobile, mobile broadband and home cable, NBN and DSL broadband) to watch the matches. EPL coverage will cost an extra $15 per month for most plans. EPL matches can be seen on Fetch TV through Optus or on a mini set-top box device (available from July). Pre-order opens on May 15.
I don’t think it’s fair that people with Optus prepaid mobile (like myself) and home wireless broadband will miss out on EPL unless they subscribe to post-paid or broadband packages, which cost more money.


If, like me, you have a $95 entertainment bundle or the like you will receive EPL at no extra charge.


Optus still can’t confirm whether I can get the entertainment bundle or not - what kind of dog and pony show are they running?

This has to be some level of third line forcing too, requiring an Optus service (over a specific spend) to get EPL coverage


AFR reports that fans protests about Optus’ proposed EPL packages have so far fallen on deaf ears.


Fairfax reports Optus’ new EPL deal is worth $189 million over three seasons. Optus CEO Allan Lew says his company will not change its mind on restricting access to EPL matches to Optus customers, however…

On an individual basis, we will see what we need to do to solve some of these (access) problems for customers.

Also, Optus has delayed taking pre-orders for its EPL packages for a few more weeks. Could this be related to Lew’s comment above?


Optus slashes entry costs for English Premier League after fan backlash