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Just a question about the Fetch mini if anyone could help me out. I understand the mini doesn’t have a HDD to record shows, however I’ve been reading you can still pause and rewind live TV? Is this the case?


Yep, only for about 15 minutes or something from memory.

If it’s linked to a Fetch Mighty box on the same network though you can view recordings from that box on the Mini or set recordings etc…


Fetch has extended its partnership with Netflix which began in 2015. The new arrangement will see Fetch’s approximately 500,000 current subscribers gaining access to enhanced features.


BBC Living website has launched: http://www.bbcaustralia.com/channels/living

I thought it was an existing BBC International channel not yet available in Australia or something, but it turns out it’s actually a channel they’ve never done before!


From the Mumbrella article Johnson TV linked to:

I’m guessing that most subscribers to Fetch would get it through their broadband provider rather than directly from Fetch. So presumably this means I would be able to subscribe to Netflix on my Optus account.


I noticed today that my Fetch has a couple of channels with the “Start Over” feature enabled. MTV and I think Nat Geo were two I noticed a little icon for. Pressed the button and instantly had the start of the program which was nearly finished. Worked so much better than the Foxtel one!


It seems to be an Australian version of BBC Lifestyle. I’m guessing they don’t want to be confused with FOXTEL’s Lifestyle channel, so they call it BBC Living here.


Ahh, so it appears. Interesting


TLC has been SD only from launch until now. Discovery, however, is HD.


Since no one has posted it yet, I’ve capped the pre-launch loop for BBC Living.

Apologies about the audio quality.


Fetch subscribers can now enjoy three new beIN Sports channels at additional cost.


Have been using my Fetch box for a few months now and it has been awesome. Brilliant how I can program recordings using my mobile phone app so I have practically never missed anything. And a few times when I have, the catch up services through Fetch have been excellent too.

And have enjoyed the free access to some of their subscriber channels. For August they provide free access to the Variety pack which includes catch up for some shows. Channels are:

  • Universal
  • Syfy
  • BBC First
  • 13th Street
  • TLC
  • 111 Funny
  • MTV Classic
  • TV Hits
  • Country Music TV C MusicTV

Watched Patrick Melrose on BBC First catch up last night and it was free.


I think you will find that C Music TV is actually a classical music channel, not country music.


Thanks. I just copied that from their website. Must need updating.

Last night it was described as Chill Out music. I see it described as C Music TV on the EPG. Their website says Classical and cinematic Music channel.


C Music TV the award winning classical & film soundtrack music-video channel.


That’s good to hear. In terms of entertainment I think they do a better job than Foxtel Now to be honest.


Fetch has now signed up 700,000 subscribers.


An impressive effort, but one wonders how many subscribers via the various ISPs have Fetch included in their plans but they dont use it


I’ve got it free through Optus, use it everyday at out primary stb and pvr. So far haven’t bought any of the packs, but do use the free ones from time to time and Netflix.


I love Fetch, as long as it doesn’t get more expensive.