Fetch TV

Obviously the advertising will be local, just as Fetch does with the WBD, NBCU, BBC, Paramount and Disney channels.

It will just be the programming that would be from the American version.

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Is there really much left available of any worth? As others have said it’s not always an option to just rebroadcast channels from another region - licensing, classification, advertising - all hurdles to overcome. Also I’m pretty sure Foxtel are no longer obliged to offer up their own channels for carriage elsewhere.


Noticed something weird happened to my recordings on my Fetch box this week.

Usually if I have recordings of a show with multiple seasons, they are listed under seasons. I had all the Bluey recordings stored so they appeared as Season 1, Season 2 and Season 3.

After the first mini-episode was recorded, it was stored under Unknown season. All good. I tried to watch the second episode this week but all of a sudden, the season structure is gone. All the episodes are listed together according to date recorded. This means there are 157 episodes but they all over the place. Also, I can’t find any mini-episodes even though they should be at the top of the list since the Sort option is set to Newest to Oldest.

I checked one other show I have stored with episodes from two seasons but it has not changed. Strange.

Anyone else experienced anything like this recently?


Sounds like there are a number of Telstra TV customers who are unhappy with what they percieve is a downgrade with their new boxes, especially given they now can’t access Binge and Kayo

It looks like Telstra TV customers were provided Gen 4 Minis - the required upgrade is “coming soon”


It’s either that or they have been given gen 5 minis. Kayo & Binge are on their but the apps aren’t active yet for some reason.

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