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Same here but on an LG TV. I do however watch most apps on my Apple TV. When I first got Fetch I also liked the fact I could use it with a Mini to send to my bedroom etc. This has just about become redundant too! I have a friend who also has Fetch only as a PVR and is not tech savvy. I haven’t told him any of this yet as he’ll probably go ballistic. :grinning:

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I don’t think it will. I will give you an example of what I mean but in another way. If you have ever used Kayo it has instant start over plus everything is basically recorded to the cloud. If they follow a model like that then it won’t effect recording. It will just be a different way of doing it.

I appreciate all your replies to my inane posts but my concerns are about recording mainly FTA programs and FF the ads. Starting over doesn’t solve this problem.

If you are in a regional area, then you will miss being able to catch up on local news etc.

The other advantage of the the PVR (other than fast forward through the ads) is to be able to skip to a specific part of the program and keep it on your HDD for as long as you want.


Yeah this is one issue. They may have it uploaded to catch up but having it integrated in to the epg is another issue.

Wait - does this mean existing Fetch boxes will lost the ability to record? Or they are just removing it from new machines?


So why all the concern in this thread? Lol if mine keeps doing what it’s doing, no problem.

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Wouldn’t think so, there is a version of RDK that offers DVB recording that I would think Fetch would be using. Might be an encryption issue for previous recordings moving across though.

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The new Gen5 mini can’t record and the Gen 4 Mighty isn’t that old so yeah, I’m with you. Truth is when recording does get phased out you won’t notice much difference Plus it is still a while off.

The Gen 4 is going to be changed to RDK. Thanks for this.

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Didn’t Tivo restrict fast forwarding tv commercials?

No you could fast forward, Skip Mode wasnt included in Australia/NZ TiVos


That doesn’t work for the FTA channels, as you can’t watch them in the past after they have finished, except for a small number which are linked to their catch up services. But even then, you only get 24 hours to watch it, so it’s no substitute especially if you are away in holiday for a week and you want to watch one or two recordings made when you were away.

I’ve still got recordings from 2023 on my Fetch PVR, so I can watch them more than once, if I feel like it. This won’t be possible without being able to record programs and will destroy Fetch if they take this away IMO.

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There’s also still some shows out there that don’t even make it to the catch up services (for whatever reason). For example, I record some of the motorsport highlights (Indycar, Formula E, WEC) that’s on 9Go! midweeks (as I’m too tight to pay for Stan Sport :stuck_out_tongue: ), that’s not something they put on 9Now at all.


I thought most shows were available for 7 days?

24 hours is way too short though.

You can only go back 24 hours on the TV guide to watch a program. It is good for some of the pay TV linear channels, as you can just scroll back up to one day on the TV guide and watch a program, but it doesn’t go any further than that. And not all pay TV channels have this function. It can’t be done with the FAST channels and most of the FTA channels.

Your talking about the way the software is now. I’m only talking about the way it could play out down the track once the recording technology starts changing. And this is a long time away so yes it probably will happen but it’s most likely a while off.

Anyone else in an metro area not seeing the new TVSN on LCN 77 on their Fetch?

Mine isn’t picking it up even after a rescan. I have a Fetch Mighty refurb Gen 3.

77 appears on the TV tuner though.

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I did a rescan and mine gets it but… The Fetch box seems to be hiding it until release day. Although it is in the channel list .