Fetch TV


Fetch using the wrong images for Utopia. I think that’s the English C4 program Utopia


I wonder if Fetch has thought about adding more channels like Food Network and Travel Channel, both from Asia, biggest issue with Fetch is they don’t have a channel like FOX8, they could also try and get STAR World , AXN or FOX Asia instead because it isn’t owned by Foxtel.


Star World and Fox Asia are owned by 21st Century Fox, and has similar programming to Foxtel channels including Fox8 and Showcase.


The Fetch app is currently not showing some of the logos for the free-to-air channels and Prime’s 7mate has the logo for ARY QTV, which wikipedia tells me is a Sunni Islam religious channel based in Pakistan.


Relaunch alert?


According to Mediaweek, Fetch has announced changes to its line-up effective March 1. Discovery Channel will be available in the Fetch Knowledge Pack (17 channels for $6/month) and TLC in the Fetch Variety Pack (10 channels for $6/month). Both channels will also be available in the Fetch Ultimate Pack (49 channels for $20/month). Nat Geo People will cease broadcast in Australia also on March 1 and will be removed from the Fetch Knowledge and Ultimate Packs.


7plus, OlympicsOn7 and Commonwealth Games apps will be added to Fetch set top boxes. The Comm Games app will be available from March. However I noticed this week my Fetch has already been updated to include 7plus.


The 7Plus app came with the last update about 2 weeks ago along with Google Home integration which is really cool. e.g. “Ok Google, tell Fetch to change channel to Southern Cross”.

I think it went onto the Optus boxes last week, not sure about iiNet ones.

The Olympics apps will be cool and just had a look on my box and it’s there already.


It could be the ‘Bandwidth setting’ for streamed channels is set to ‘1 channel’ or ‘2 channel’ which is the default. I put mine up to ‘3 channel’ so I can record three Fetch channels at the same time and still supposedly record three free-to-air channels though I’ve never tried six concurrently.


The New Zealand Herald reports Fetch is eyeing a move into the NZ market to challenge Sky.


Have just taken Foxtel up on their $39 no commitment free install etc… deal for the AFL season but I’ve noticed how much the Fetch is good for value, many of the Foxtel channels are on Fetch and it’s cheap, it’s a pity about the sport and the box just works so much better. Netflix, Stan, 7flix, YouTube etc… all from the one interface and far less buggy and much faster than the iQ3.


I’ve been wanting to get Fetch for a while now. The recent addition of Discovery almost had me signing up. Does anyone know if it’s in HD like Nat Geo etc?


Pretty sure all the channels they can get in HD are in HD except for the kids ones because then they’d have to charge more I read on one of their Facebook posts.


HD depending on your internet speed obviously.


Because it’s IPTV, it will definitely depend on your internet speed. The Fetch channels automatically switch between SD and HD depending on your internet speed and quality (i.e. there aren’t separate HD channels).


Yes, forgot to mention that bit. I think the Fetch Mighty also supports 4K, not sure if any of the channels are 4K or not though.


yes buddy. TLC is in HD too… TV Hits and a few others aren’t, including the kids, but CNN and BBC World and MTV, Spike, Comedy Central etc are in HD.

Love my Fetch in our bedrooms.


Excellent. Discovery and CNN in HD is all I care about. Thanks!


Fetch is adding BBC Living from 1 May.


Great to see another channel adding to Fetch’s point of difference with Foxtel. Channels exclusive to Fetch are now at 17.

  • BBC Living
  • Comedy Central
  • Spike
  • HGTV
  • Food Network
  • Travel
  • Fashion TV
  • Edge Sports
  • Egg Network
  • Euronews
  • Channel News Asia
  • France 24
  • NDTV 24x7
  • Zoo Moo
  • Baby TV
  • MTV Classic
  • C Music