Fetch TV


I am bundled and get all the channels, presumably that should continue as per contract with Optus?

Fetch is a great service, except when they deactivate the box by accident and need to send a brand new one.


Same with me but I don’t watch Fetch very often.


Fetch officially launches its new packages today. As shown in the EFTM link above, there are four new “skinny” packages costing $6 per month each: Kids (with 10 channels), Knowledge (17 channels), Vibe (13 channels) and Variety (9 channels).
Fetch is also adding 10 extra channels across the service and offering all 49 entertainment channels for $20 per month.
Existing subscribers can stay with their current package or change to one of four “skinny” packages.


Fetch went weird and got stuck on channel 7. Tried powering on and off but nothing’s happening. Anyone else having issues?


Fetch launched a new logo today, dropping the word TV. Fetch has also convinced its broadband partners including iinet, Dodo, iPrimus and TPG to drop their own branding from marketing for the platform (e.g. Dodo TV by Fetch). Optus remains in ongoing discussions with the brand. A new ad also debuted tonight as part of a multimillion-dollar campaign.


Optus should, they keep changing logos and the name of the product anyway.

ME TV from Optus
Optus TV from Fetch
and now “Yes TV”


Im thinking of getting a Fetch Mighty box for FTA as im one of those poor Foxtel viewers who cant get FTA via Foxtel. Does anyone have any feedback?


After 5 years with Foxtel our service finishes on Monday, replaced with a Fetch Mini about 3 months ago and a Fetch Mighty added two months ago. It’s fantastic. Interface works flawlessly, is responsive, can control everything with an app on the phone which works including channel changes (even when off the local network, lol) and the recordings can be played on any other Fetch of the same variety (e.g. all retail or all Optus or all iiNet etc…). I even watch the recordings on the phone or on my computer as it goes over DLNA also and can link into things like Kodi/XBMC etc…

If that was too long to read, the wife and kids can use it and love it. Happy wife, happy life.


Thanks Mate. I purchased the Mighty yesterday. Very happy.


I’ve been having constant problems with my Fetch Mighty. Recordings keep failing for no apparent reason, and I’ve had to unplug the box to reset it a number of times. We’re actually considering moving back to Foxtel because my dad won’t shut up about the failed recordings and interface problems.


Fetch has secured broadcast rights to UFC, ahead of UFC 214: Cormier vs Jones 2 match on July 30. Fetch will broadcast live UFC events and provide access to over 150 hours of studio programming, with Fight Night Events offered through Fetch TV’s EDGEsport channel. Under the deal, subscribers can pay $49.99 per event or buy the Fetch Vibe Pack which includes EDGEsport for $6 a month.
Some quotes from Joe Carr, UFC senior vice president, international and content:

We are excited to be in business with Fetch TV to grow our broadcast offering in Australia. Fetch’s sizeable subscriber base, along with its comprehensive network of ISP and retail partners offers UFC a unique opportunity to extend our distribution footprint to reach new fans and continue the dramatic growth of UFC’s brand and the sport of MMA in Australia.


Yes, but no. The articles state that UFC will still be on Main Event and Fox Sports.

(Clarification: Kelvin Parry at D’ciderTV wrote that).


Is Foxtel in the dark about whether they will still have the UFC?


The UFC fight this Sunday will be available on Fetch only via PPV, with the Edge sport channel only showing the preliminary bouts live. The news stories about this were misleading, implying all numbered fights would be live on Edge.


My Fetch upgraded yesterday. Automatically. With no issues. Just turned on and voila. New look and feels.

Nothing like the nightmare that was Foxtel iQ3!


Yep, got a bit of a shock when I noticed the new UI but it looks good and works well. Everything is just so fast compared to the IQ3 although being on the NBN now might also be helping that.


Garage has gone from Fetch, so one less channel.


My Fetch got upgraded on Monday night as well, I was surprised to see the new UI and the new Fetch logo.


The new UI is very dark and not very clear sometimes.


I installed the BlueStacks Android App Player on my Windows laptop then downloaded the Fetch app from the Play Store. The picture isn’t great, but it may be worth using.