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Dutton is a moron. Do these people realise that if they lurch further to the extreme right they will alienate even more voters.


Peter Dutton would make for the perfect Prime Minister…if the Liberal Party want to ensure that they’re in opposition for 10 years after the next Federal Election.


peter dutton as pm will be a huge victory for labor:) means labor will be a swing in the election


Hehe would be a great victory for labor indeed.

Peter Dutton ewwww who the fuck in their right mind would want Dutton in as leader of liberal party :joy:

If this is true it would be a stupid call, again they have done stupid things in the last five years…:joy:mm


How funny would it be in the next election if he doesn’t even win his seat? Only a few percent separated the two parties in the last election.


It happened to John Howard and he was actually popular once.


Could happen. Get up have mobilized to try and outst him. He’s a vile human. Lacks compassion. Has his head stuck up his own ass.


I thought it was stuck up barnabys butt…


More on the establishment of this “Monash Forum”. What a surprise Andrews is the brains behind it and Credlin is stirring the pot.


Old mate Jaff-daddy has an issue with the truth on a regular basis.

One of The Spy Report’s greatest contributors.


Interesting. Probably should post that in the Reddit thread which has spawned around the tweet.


I wouldn’t be surprised if there was something in this rumour of a Lib spill. They’ve rolled out John Howard tonight to urge against any move on Turnbull. Coincidence? I think not. It smacks of desperation.


The bulk of the Howard interview was surrounding the 20th anniversary of the waterfront dispute.

Just realised that federal parliament doesn’t sit until May 8th. So a party room meeting on Monday is BS.


it probally is BS going by history.

in 2015 the first challenge to abbot was on monday the 9th of feb - first day of the autumn session.

the sucessful challenge was on the 14th of september, another sitting day,

surely if there was 60 lib members travellig to canberra we would know - families, airlines, staffers - someone would say somehting rather than just an anonomous tip


Yeah I also doubt they’d do it while the Commonwealth Games are on would they? The world’s media here would have a field day.


The AEC today released the draft redistribution of electoral boundaries in Victoria and the ACT.

Both will gain an extra seat, and several in Victoria will be renamed: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2018-04-06/federal-electoral-boundaries-redrawn-victoria-act/9626486

South Australia will lose a seat, to be announced next week.


He doesn’t like a particular story being raised.


The ACT used to have an electorate called Fraser but it was named after Jim Fraser, who was the Member for ACT from 1951 to 1970. It was renamed Fenner in 2016 to honour scientist Frank Fenner.


When Abdel-Magied tweeted a similar line to Rugg’s last year she deleted the tweet and apologized stating: “It was brought to my attention that my last post was disrespectful, and for that, I apologise unreservedly”. Obviously that apology meant nothing.


Probably did at the time, but given how she gets treated by the noisy right, probably doesn’t GAF any more. I wasn’t offended by it but can see how some people would be.