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Using a holiday meant to promote peace to… point out the hypocrisy in our current political system compared to those values. I can support her using ANZAC Day for such a cause.

The Right doesn’t care what she did. They only care about who she is. She’s a Muslim woman who’s progressive.


US Customs refused to let her into the country on a business (not work) visa for a paid speaking arrangement.

She’s now claiming that if she were a white male, she’d probably have been allowed in on the wrong visa.

Yeah, my arse.


I care about what she did, I don’t care if she is a Muslim. For me it was just disrespectful to the dishonour the solidiers that defended our country and lost their lives and for those who are alive and served.

I would have accepted her apology if she meant it and didn’t carry on about how Australia was being mean to her and comparing it to an abusive boyfriend, which is a pretty low blow to domestic violence survivors.


Fine make light of it, but don’t be an idiot on a day like ANZAC day - where its not all about those off-shore detention people, as its about our soldiers that died. Do it the day after for crying out loud. Just don’t do it on a tragic event - same goes for Pauline, when mentioning about terrorist attacks


Don’t forget that Scott McIntyre got sacked from SBS for tweeting verbal diahorrea related to Anzac Day - the content of which was an order of magnitude more disrespectful than what Yassmin tweeted a year or two later.


Agreed, being in a household which that went on for 14 years of my life makes my blood boil, especially when people make idiotic comments like that. Yassmin Abdel Magied is just a moron.


Kelly O’Dwyer does a backflip.



Federal Labor MP Tim Hammond announced on Perth radio this morning that he is quitting politics, and would hand in his resignation to the Parliament in the next few weeks, triggering a by-election.


The news media are awash today with stories about how robust our Tory politicians are.

Fairfax has this heartbreaking piece about MC Gladys B growing up in Da Hood and surviving North Ryde Public High School

Now we have sista Jules- I’m just Julie from the Block- telling some Home truths about how she could rock that 40 bucks a day and still be In Da Club with Da Good Hair.

Brings to mind Lucy Turnbulls tear jerking letter that I received when living in the Wentworth electorate telling us how Malcolm overcame a tough upbringing- even living in rental accomodation (in Double Bay) with his single father (who made a negate living selling HOTELS for a living)

Such Street cred our Tories. Trying to sure up the low information vote with tales of working the corner, battling to make ends meet.

Jesus fucking Christ please make it stop.


Are they f***ing kidding? $84 million cut to the ABC?!?


Good. It might now highlight that abc.needs to. Be commercialised and be a commercial TV station. Then maybe the ratings won’t be as poor. As. It. Is. Now


Sigh. The ABC does not exist for ratings.

And their ratings are not that bad when you consider where Channel 10 are most of the time these days


Surely you are a fucking kidding me right?..

$84 million dollar budget cut is horrible!

Its not about ratings - its about people having access to a quality channel with decent programming that is educational, informative and better then the alternative… People have right to investigative journalism for free which is what they do AND BRINGING us current affairs that people want to know about (loca, national and worldwide!.

What a fucking dildo. Well done Malcolm, you lost my vote for next election. Dickhead. Such a puppet plow.


The Budget website crashed…


yeah just saw that, when i did a refresh…


As much as this sounds outrageous, why am I not overly surprised knowing the Coalition’s very critical position on the ABC (and non-commercial broadcasting in general, probably)?


Closer reading - it is a “pause to indexation” for the next 3 years that will maintain current level of funding and save $83.7m


The Coalition always wants the ABC to be a mouthpiece for them, with no room for views from Labor and the Greens. They will continue to make funding cuts until the ABC management surrenders.


And ABC Melbourne is run out of a terrace in North Melbourne :thinking::thinking:


so it’s still a cut

Mr Murdoch will be pleased. Foxtel might even get another undocumented $30 million out of this?!?