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On behalf of obese people - she can f##k right off.


What the hell is “triavisie”? Trivialise maybe?


You’d think as a politician she’d be bit more adept at excuses. This is purely “dog ate my homework” stuff :roll_eyes:


She’s reportedly now offered another apology but no mention of untoward meals. She’s playing the “out of context” card now, but neglects to offer in what context she was intending:


What context? It’s like a skinny person walking into a Weight Watchers convention for the lone purpose of picking on fat people - where’s the context in that?

Just do the taxpayers a favor and f##k off. Is she up for re-election this year?


No, 2022.

She was there as it’s part of her portfolio. Nothing more than trial by social media.


All the more reason to treat it with some respect and dignity.

I disagree. She’s an elected member of parliament and presumably a mature adult. She turns up to an obesity conference, which as you say is within her portfolio, and responds by being photographed mocking obese people. It wasn’t like it was an accident, she was fully aware of what she was doing. It’s stupid school kid humour and she is in a role that should be so much better than that, although considering some of her colleagues it’s becoming a very low benchmark.

The situation made even worse with that sloppy excuse, to be followed up by an even more vague apology and playing the “out of context” card.


Should Labor be discouraged by the latest poll which showed its support had dropped? LNP would have gained some voter support after helping secure the release of Hakeem Al-Araibi from Thailand last week. Having said that, I can’t believe some members of the public fell to the scaremongering speeches by PM Scott Morrison on the passage of medivac bill, and changed their support to LNP.


The latest survey shows Labor’s primary vote has fallen from 37 to 33 per cent over two months, an unusually low result compared to other published polls. The Coalition’s primary vote rose from 36 to 38 per cent.

Yeah nah. Take this poll with a grain of salt


I may have missed it, but has she admitted she was making a mockery of obesity or still sticking with out of context after mixing eggs and yoghurt?

Sometimes people stuff up, in days gone by we’d accept theit apology and move on.

End of the day, who knew the 2019 National Obesity Summit was taking place? Not this obese couch potato, so in a weird way, the minister has brought it to my and many others attention.


Roman Quaedvlieg has made some excellent contributions to Twitter since his departure from Border Force. He wrote a lengthy thread today regarding this.


No she hasn’t admitted it, just blamed a dodgy breakfast and “out of context”. Neither of which anyone is buying from what I can tell.


Perhaps I’m too kind and forgiving at times.


I generally would be too but I guess this is just the straw that broke the camel’s back, so to speak. Too tired of seeing those in the highest positions of authority in this country treat their roles as some sort of ongoing joke. There’s no respect for their position and so often we see them abuse the privilege of their role time and time again.

I think Ms McKenzie also particularly irked me because of the ridiculous excuse to cover up her sloppy behaviour.


Oh lighten up.

She’s a skinny, fit, attractive conservative…

Most Australians are fat and ugly… do they deserve to be mocked? No.

But we shouldn’t get so sensitive about it when you are offended…

Life be in it. Norm is no hero mate.


I just want our politicians to conduct their positions with some level of decency, honesty and integrity. Something the current batch seem to be lacking. She is just the latest in a long line.


The politicians nearly have a camera in their face 24 hours a day and the media are always looking for something to catch them out to provoke a reaction from the public. A member could do something perfectly for 20 years and then have their career ended over one mistake these days.

It makes me wonder just how many good quality candidates we end up missing out on either because they have done a silly thing in their younger days which would get unnecessary scrutiny or because they do have a sense of humour and realise that it’s too risky a move for them. All the time these days everybody just wants everybody else sacked for the tiniest little thing and we’re all armchair experts over every single industry so we sure know when others aren’t doing their jobs right.


Hear hear! Agree 100%


Yes but in this case she is posing for a photo, hardly the same thing as being caught out by a sneaky cameraman across the room.


Or they could be absolutely inept and have a 20 year career. Plenty of them about too.