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God, ScoMo needs to put his Government out of its misery and call a snap election to get it over and done with.


Hopefully Australians are smarter than believing them. Full of lies today anyway. It’s about human rights and Narru is something we witnessed during World War 2 and consentration camps. It’s time to be humans.


Just made it home in time to see Paul Murray hyperventilating over the events in Canberra. Hilarious.

The right wing nut jobs must be having heart attacks. Apparently “the prime minister and home affairs minister are speaking on behalf of normal Australians” according to Murray. Murray is yelling at the camera. He’s got himself in a lather. He’s also lying to the audience about the bill that was passed today.


Please never again prompt me to view Paul Murray in a lather. Vile pig he is


ScoMo has called a press conference in the Prime Minister’s courtyard at 10:15 AEDT.






You guys and your obsession with an election call. It is happening in May.


This morning’s press conference was about the Government’s reaction to the medivac bill.

Also, Senator Derryn Hinch has announced he will support the amendments to the medivac bill, meaning it will probably pass the Senate today.


The whole press conference was predicated on lies. When journalists called him out he ignored them. The government is in crisis. It is fabricating national security issues. Lying to the public. When will it end?

Laws are passing both houses without the support of the government. This is a shambles.


I can’t take anything Our idiot pm for any value. Liberal party is a laughing at stock. I’d be very surprised if there’s one dickhead in Australia that bought the shit that come out of ScoMos mouth

He’s lost control of his government.

Bring on May !


I have a friend who works in the Navy. He said a government directive to reduce patrols in waters between Australia and Indonesia could be easily made and would potentially facilitate new arrivals. That would allow the government to attack Labor and be very Frank Underwood but entirely possible and not something I’d put past an unpopular government desperate to cling to power.


this government is pathetic. they lost control of the house, yet somehow it’s labors fault?


Never mind that; worse is the double-standard comparing when Gillard was PM, Abbott was opposition leader and blocked, opposed & sabotaged everything he could in parliament as well as supporting nasty comments & protests outside parliament.


I just think LNP is taking border security too seriously.


It’s a smoke screen to take the heat off the banking royal commission, the environmental disasters, the problem with not enough women representatives, the defections from the party and all the other shit going down.




Can we just invade the joint and start a coup? Seriously, I’m over it.


Well this is a bit of a distraction for Scomo


A senator who thought that the best way to promote an obesity conference was to jokingly pretend that she was obese. Her excuse is not convincing.