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What annoys me about this is they’re joking about the increase in obesity (and consequential negative health impacts on Australians and health costs for society) instead of doing something to reduce it, such as accepting experts’ recommendations to implement a sugar tax, which would encourage pre-packaged & junk food manufacturers to reduce their products’ sugar content to avoid their products losing sales to lower-sugar alternative products from their competitors.

Of course no one should be surprised by their behaviour; this is the same government that laughed about rising sea levels lapping at the doorsteps of our island neighbours in the Pacific Ocean.

The only ones they seem to care about are their corporate donors.


Frankie , I too don’t give a shit about what she did. We have more pressing issues to worry about so I’ll give her a pass and before everyone has a go at me it has nothing to do with people being fat more like it’s jaur nonsense to get upset over a lapse of judgement :crazy_face:

Haha I could barely say that with a straight face.


I fundamentally disagree that this type of gaffe is a “lack of judgement”. What it actually is, is the person’s real instinct and feelings coming through! If a person needs to make a “judgement” about whether or not to mock people while being photographed at an event which is related to their area of responsibility then there is a problem with their character… not their judgement. An error of judgement is taking the wrong exit on a freeway. End of.


Despite the antiquated IT system in law enforcement agencies, it is still irresponsible for the officer involved to have forgotten to write an email notifying the AFP and Department of Home Affairs. He or she should be disciplined.


Sorry mate but I totally disagree . If we are going to keep getting offended by everything they do then geez what’s the point of having politicians.

We will just going to have to agree to disagree on this one :slight_smile: no harm done


Yes agree to disagree.

It’s not that people are offended though. It’s more that people expect higher standards of behaviour and just “ability” in those roles.


FFS what were we just saying about integrity


The next political scandal.



At this rate, there will be nobody left on the sinking ship.


Massive loss to the liberal party and big loss to Australian politics even though I don’t agree with all her policies.


Especially when Julie Bishop is basically the Liberal Party’s most prolific female minister…


Foreign Affairs is an easy portfolio so I have never regarded her as that special or talented. I know that sounds harsh but I remember when she was Shadow Treasurer and while most people have ups and downs in their careers, I just can’t help but see her as incompetent.


Bloody politicians they’re all the same. Amazing! Just playing the game.


I think that does sound bloody hard and is quite naive of the work that goes into being Foreign Affairs Minister. She has does a fantastic job for politics and deserved to be so much more.


I wonder how much damage this does to slow mo and his dwindling government at the May election.


What did she do? Condemn Russia? Hardly groundbreaking. Australia has a bipartisan approach to Foreign Affairs generally. It’s an easy portfolio and all she appeared to do most of the time was swan around the world engaging in dialogue and fronting media conferences. She was demoted the last time she had a domestic shadow portfolio and was very weak inside the parliament whenever at the dispatch box. I accept she was a trailblazer for women in the Liberal Party but so too was Bronwyn Bishop all those years ago.


A lot of the things a Foreign Minister does would be embargoed from the media reporting on. You need to understand the work that goes into each job before passing judgment. You clearly have no idea.


I have a very good idea that public servants do the bulk of the policy heavy lifting. Ministers tend to set direction and make decisions, which does constitute work but not as much as the actual troops in the public service doing the hard yards to get laws drafted and policy implemented. With Foreign Affairs, that direction and decision making required at a ministerial level, is significantly less challenging because of the largely bipartisan approach to foreign policy Australia has.