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Higgins will be a Liberal win regardless.

Even a doey eyed dill was able to hold that seat.

Interesting what you say about Indi…

We may even see some more three-cornered contests in 2019.


If Dutton loses his seat Liberals will lose the election. So your logic is all wrong.


Probably Cowprer, Gilmorre, Mallee along with Indi will be the three cornered contests.


Seeing how Bill Shorten reacted… or failed to react when the incident happened on Insiders last week and then watching either in Townsville or Geeveston earlier in the week (can’t remember which one it was) I noticed that he didn’t seem to really be interested in the stories he was hearing. I realise they probably aren’t but they need to at least look like it. I saw in a few places that was noticed too. If that gets too out of control it could certainly affect him.




The latest Newspoll analysis prepared for The Australian and published yesterday shows the government is on track to lose 24 seats across Australia.

Yeah, the Liberals are as good as dead.




They will lose this one i think. Mundine was a mistake. Big one.


The whole election will not be won or lost in Dickson.

Even LNP voters think Dutton is on the nose.

There are several other seats including Herbert and Longman that the LNP can reclaim easily.


Thing is, for every seat they may win in Queensland with the hard right rhetoric, they’re likely to lose two or three in Victoria.



I don’t know what’s worse:

Abbott hanging onto Warringah and being the Kevin Rudd of the right…


Him losing the seat and becoming some sort of right wing pundit for the Murdoch press…

Can we make it that if he loses the seat, we get to take him around the back and shot? :wink: :rofl:


They arent going to win back seats in Qld. That’s a Sky News/2GB fantasy that the hard right is resonating in Qld. There will be a net loss of Lib seats in Qld too.


She should resign, but like Tim Wilson, it seems this gov’t are beyond any standards of honesty or integrity?


So she blatantly lied when she said the leak did not come from her office or who the source of the leak was?

She’s a pretty extremist person as it is. Quite a hateful individual with no respect for the public.


I’m looking forward to hearing lawyers bring her down on Friday when she give evidence.


This is going to cost him.



What a shambles! I remember the same incompetent idiots that lost this vote today used to berate Julia Gillard for apparently not presiding over a functional parliament when she led the government in a hung one. They are a disgrace. But, in saying that, the crossbench and Labor may have helped the government. I can hear this coming: “Labor weakened Australia’s border protection regime. We’ll restore it. Protecting you is our priority. If Labor wins the boats will return, they’re weak on national security and you’ll suffer if they get back in”


It has started.