Federal Politics


still hearing rumours the election will be called this weekend sometime for the 2nd of march (i ahve heard rumours it will called on the 27th or the 28th mostly)


3 weeks before the NSW election? I just can’t see it happening.


Agreed, I can’t imagine the NSW Liberals wanting their campaign overshadowed by that for the Federal poll.


if a federal election is called prior to 1 march, the nsw eleciton will be pushed back into april


The federal Libs and the NSW Libs are at war at the moment though (eg over Mundine). But maybe it’s not just about Mundine? Just a thought.


Perhaps the NSW Libs would actually prefer this? Get the carnage out of the way before the state election. It would probably improve their chances actually. As it stands the State election will be tarnished by their Federal counterparts.


Are they allowed to change the NSW election date? Never heard of that happening before. To be honest I cannot see if happening. Even if you can change the date it would create significant, unnecessary costs, to the NSW Electoral Commission and create logistical issues for the Australian one. Who would be paying for this? Tax payers. Is that the best way to start of your campaign? I think not. I just can’t see it happening. Can you post the link to these so called rumours because I cannot see any.


The Laws governing elections in NSW do allow for the date to be shifted.

Antony Green explains it pretty well: https://www.abc.net.au/news/2017-05-04/federal-election-timing-and-how-to-move-the-dates-of-the-next-ns/9388908


I still stand by what I stated above.

It is also funny that these ‘rumours’ have come about when Scott Morrison stated only last week he had no intentions to call a March election and that they were planning to hand down the budget in April. Doesn’t really sound like the words of someone planning an election in March.


Currently commercial radio (in Queensland) is saturated with Federal Government adverts telling us how much money the Australian government is spending on infrastructure projects. These type of ads infuriate me as they serve no purpose except to promote the incumbent government as there is no community information provided. It’s a pity they didn’t say how much was being spent on the advertising campaign.


I wish they’d hurry the f##k up and just get the election over and done with.

At least NSW has the sense to set a date way in advance. There’s two words you don’t hear in a sentence all too often. :rofl:


Less than a week after Kelly O’Dwyer announced she was quitting politics due to family reasons, Federal Human Services Minister Michael Keenan has followed suit, announcing tonight he will not recontest his WA seat of Stirling at the next election.


Good riddance! They should call an election as soon as possible to avoid further casualties, the more the train derail the bigger the mess they’ll have to clean up post election. And Gladys’ good government in NSW will be collateral damage come March.


But could you imagine if they did call an election and suddenly more quit? That would be an even bigger disaster. At least this is giving them time to get their candidates together.


And another one going.


And another one down. And another one down. Another one bites the dust.


With all these Liberal MPs quitting politics, the words “rats deserting a sinking ship” come to mind!

There are many words I’d use to describe the Berejiklian government in NSW, good isn’t one of them.


Interesting praxis with the Indigenous Affairs Minister announcing his retirement on Australia Day


With no competition, they’ll have to be returned. The opposition have done zero other than play petty politics.