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Typical. He’s probably shitting his bed right now.

Personally I hope that Labor wins this election. The Libs have had it for too long and didn’t live up to expectations.

Now before anyone says anything, I believe that both sides of politics aren’t too good. My hope of a labor win comes to the fact that I want to see someone new to lead the country. It would be better for Australia IMO.


See I just don’t agree with the views of the centre right and far right. That is why I would rather a labour government. I never understand the comment I want someone new. Workout what you believe in first. Then decide who you want to vote for.

And to be honest I never even vote for labour. I vote greens or when I was into SA did a strategic vote and voted for nick xenaphons team as labour had no shot in my electorate and I would rather see one less liberal seat.


It probably doesn’t appear this way but I’m actually supportive of the Labor government in any cases so I probably would vote them anyway (in addition to wanting something new).

Having said that, I absolutely respect those who vote the Libs or others as their vote does nothing to my opinion and our differences in opinions and beliefs really exemplifies the fact that we’re a democracy.


Personally I’m hanging out for this election even more than the final season premiere of Game of Thrones.


Less blood will be spilled in GoT.


Yes I agree with this. People need to think about policy and what their particular views and interests are rather than just pick a party based on personalities or which way the wind is blowing.

I can never understand some of the rabid right wing “battler” supporters who clearly are better served by the left side of politics, for example. Clearly very easily hoodwinked.


I remember the same excitement in the beginning of 2007 with Kevin07 about to become our new leader then we couldn’t get rid of them quick enough because Tony Abbott was apparently the only one who could offer everything… now we’re back to not being able to get rid of them quick enough again.

Time has changed but nothing else really has so I wouldn’t get too excited. The change of government happens but not a lot else does.


They think new scum is better than old scum.


Yeah, Tony Abbott sure worked out didn’t he.

Here in Tas, we couldn’t wait to get rid of Labor after so many years and then the Libs came in and a couple of months later we couldn’t wait to get rid of them… but they still somehow won another term. Even if Labor had won again, we’d still have the same messes.


Yeah I’m not that pessimistic actually. I think Labor has learned a lot from the Rudd/Gillard years. In time the Liberals will probably learn from the Abbott/Turnbull debacle.

I don’t think all is lost. I believe we’ll have a period of stability and progress under the next Labor government, at least by comparison. Time will tell.


Yeah, I think they have. There was early talk that Shorten was going to be dumped before the election but when the Libs had so much of their instability they could run anyone and they’ll get in.

I think most of them have, it’s just a couple who are slow learners. Hopefully they don’t return. If they can’t play nicely as a team, they shouldn’t be on the team.

Hope so.


How about progressive, fiscally responsible, efficient, productive or improvement (on the previous disgraced Labor administration that left the state in ruins with ageing, poor infrastructure and economic performance that lagged the nation)? Actually, the word ‘transformative’ is probably better than good and sums up everything.

Labor haven’t done the time for their crimes. They aren’t ready to govern and need more time on the Opposition benches before they ever get the opportunity to govern again. And I hope day in, day out the Coalition Government reminds voters just how bad the last Labor administration was. NSW cannot afford to go back to Labor.


Building the light rail for the past three years (and counting) sure has done that to this city. So have the renovations to Town Hall station also three years and still incomplete. And the air conditioning still doesn’t work.


Lock out laws also? Policies on drugs?

All shite.


You forget about the fact no government is flawless. And what about Wynyard? Redfern? More lifts? New trains? Rooty Hill? Express services to Bathurst? Sydney Metro built and opening mid this year? And then there’s the roads. Westconnex, Northconnex, highway upgrades everywhere. New stadiums, schools and hospitals going up from Lismore to Wagga, Mudgee, Tweed and beyond. Everyone across NSW is benefiting and while not flawless or perfect, the current government is on every key measure superior than the incompetent Labor administration it replaced.


At the risk of going off-topic…

Infrastructure in NSW has become a boom/bust cycle, which makes it extremely difficult to make meaningful improvement as so much time is taken resolving long-standing issues that adding-value is very late in the cycle - it also means that considerable shortcuts are taken to ‘prime the wheel’ so to speak and get things shovel-ready.

Then we end up in a situation where the government participate in asset recycling to pay for it


Current Member for Chisholm, Julia Banks, will challenge Health Minister Greg Hunt at his Victorian seat of Flinders at the next federal election.


Hunt’s actually Health minister now, Melissa Price is now Environment minister.


The right wing nut jobs are in a lather over this. Paul Murray is there bagging the hell out of this person. Calling her the suicide bomber. Such a disgraceful comment.

Paul Murray has been advocating for a return of tony Abbott to fight this election. And still denying that climate change is real.


I was speaking to a senior labor front bench member last night at a fundraiser for a local branch and they said they think the government will hold out until may. when i asked if they could go off to yarralumba if they look like losing a vote the response was “it doesn’t feel like it will happen”