Federal Politics


Business class - especially if he wasn’t planning on paying himself.


Fly economy with the rest of us. If I can’t afford business class why should others money be used to cover business class?


I don’t think he has the most ethical or moral compass.



To be fair to Senator Anning, you’d be hard pressed to find a pollie who isn’t flying business class.
With that said, to claim this sort of stuff from the taxpayer should be removable, if it isn’t already.


Yeah I agree most would be. But why are they? Why is that really allowed? If every pollie flew economy could the amount of money saved would be unbelievable. Schools in every electorate would surely love to split that money and spend it on something worthwhile for education…



A desperate attempt to keep one’s snout in the trough.


If only the Government owned an airline they could use instead…


Another blow for the Morrison Government with Jobs and Industrial Relations Minister Kelly O’Dwyer announcing today she will not recontest her seat at this year’s federal election.


… deserting a sinking ship?


Interesting to see some analysis on this on breakfast television this morning. I think it was Allison Langdon. They said everyone was anxiously waiting to see if Julie Bishop quits politics soon because then it really will be like the “rats deserting a sinking ship”. :joy:


It fits with that senator announcing he’s quitting & immediately being sent to Chigago.
Maybe the LNP are going for zero female representation, given they tend to only nominate them for the most marginal electorates :frowning:


…and alienate 50% or more of the Australian population? What a stupid idea that would be IMO!


Agreed, but LNP female representation is already so low. Presumably this is a reflection of the ‘conservative’ (backwards-looking to the…'50s?) attitude to equality.



Phwoar. I knew the implosion was coming, but not before the election. That’s Labor in power until 2025 then.


Meanwhile, down in Gilmore, a marginal seat on the NSW South Coast which the Liberals held by 0.7%, where its sitting member Ann Sudmalis is resigning.


Yet again, a man stepping in to fill the shoes of a woman. The Liberal Party haven’t got a clue.


Wow :open_mouth: