Federal Politics


Voting below the line is laborious, meaningless and wanky.


Unless it changes the result of an election, which it can.


That’s a furphy… if I ever heard one…


I’d rather vote below the line to I know where my preferences are going. Above the line is for the lazy and ill informed.


No, it’s a fact of the electoral process.


So what Australian election has been decided by a single below the line vote?

Can you name any?


Sounds like nothing more than a bit of self-righteous virtue-signalling…

‘Oh I vote below the line… I’m clearly superior to the bogan yobbos’…

Lighten up…


:joy: Calm down. I think you’re the one that needs to lighten up.


If anything, Tasmanians share a greater appreciation of the benefits GVT through Hare Clark.

And I’d suggest this is why they stupidly vote in great numbers below the line in the Senate.

58 candidates… and almost a third of Tasmanian voters cast their vote beolw the line.

Pure idiocy.


Above the line voting is what gives us these two bit micro parties who hold governments to ransom.


And below the line gives us the majors?



It means the voter’s preferences go where the voter wants, no whatever dodgy deals the parties have done. If micro parties didn’t get an advantage and funding, they wouldn’t bother meaning we.dont end up over one hundred candidates in some states.

The recent reforms at federal level (1-6 above or 1-12 below) are helpful and it will be interesting to see how it plays out at an orthodox half Senate election.


When parties continue to put people like Eric Abetz in the number 1 spot, I’ll keep voting below the line. Sure, he’ll still get in but when the first preferences come through and a lot of people are voting for others before him hopefully they get the message.


I’m really not so sure why you make it so complicated…

It’s democracy… it should be easy…

Sadly there are those amongst us who just love complexity and revel at being dweebs.


Well therein answers your ‘point’.


Bob Maguire comparing the Australian government’s treatment of people on Manus Island to Adolf Hitler’s extermination of Jews, Gypsies, homosexuals, the disabled and millions more.


looks like news corp is pushing for Dutton to have a tilt at the leadership. the only reason i can see this working is so that dutton can be parachuted into a safe seat


Dual citizenship would not have become an issue in 2018 had the Howard Government resolved it during its tenure.



Why did the trip cost nearly 3,000? That’s a trip to Europe plus some.