Federal Politics


Agreed. The problem with much of politics is the majority if not all players are compromised not only by having to toe the line and being reliant on donors to fund their campaigns, but their interest is largely on staying in power (and looking like the good guy) rather than doing what needs to be done to fix the issues in our society. Politicians really shouldn’t be in their job longer than a decade at the most. Do what you need to do to contribute then get out, don’t hang around like a bad smell.


You’re probably right. 10-15 year political career seems about optimal.

John Key is a good example.



MT declared he wanted to lead a ‘thoroughly liberal’ government - as opposed to a conservative one. Sadly, he lacked the fortitude to do so.

Could Australia support a thoroughly liberal party? Would there be enough votes?


Another government who makes decisions on the run to win votes, gets it wrong and suffers a backlash, so does a backflip.


Isn’t that all governments and opposition parties?


Before or after they say they will be different?


They all say they will be different, otherwise if they change their minds and ram things through they’re in just as much trouble too. One of the jobs where they can’t win either way. Governments these days are never favoured over the opposition until they win an election and they’re favoured for a few months then it’s always the opposition as favourites because they can saw whatever they want to be popular but don’t have the ability to change anything.


I’m not sure how far this scandal will rock the government but the assistant minister has resigned.

The story is taken from New Idea and we know how reliable they usually are. :poop:

Is this more of the new standard of reporting from the Nine-owned Fairfax?


Is it possible that New Idea have had a shocking lapse of judgement and have broken some actual news? Because ABC News (notorious for their tabloid journalism) is also covering it:


There’s a first time for everything. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


ABC notorious for tabloid journalism? Since when?


It was obviously a joke, just like the comment about New Idea breaking some actual news being “a shocking lapse of judgement”! :wink:


Just an observation that pertains particularly to politics… the use of the term “backflip”

I know everyone uses it to mean a reversal of a position or policy.

But when you think about it, if you do a backflip you end up facing in the same direction… so no change.

What they should say it “about face” or “about turn”

Pedantic? Maybe… but it’s still true.


Or when a party has “done a 360°”