Federal Politics


And eggplants.


Scomo is the greatest thing to have happened to the LNP.

While he’s neither a liberal, nor a conservative, he is clearly a genuine, everyday Aussie bloke.

What he gives the LNP is authenticity.

The next election will be fought and won in the LNP heartland.

Authenticity will save the furniture… and lots of it (though hopefully not Dickson).



Is this a joke post? Sometimes sarcasm gets lost in these threads.


It’s about saving the furniture. For the LNP faithful we’d rather be conservative in opposition (if needs be) than liberal in government.


Just a point I heard on ABC’s podcast the Party Room the other day, did Menzies, the founder of the Liberals, ever mention the word Conservative in terms of the Liberals…?


You obviously don’t understand Aussie ‘humor’.


See above, where I said he never referred to himself, nor the party as conservative.


This is true, apologies for assuming.


No, so your post was a joke then? That was funny then.


Here in Queensland the liberals have always played second fiddle to us conservatives. While this is changing with the urbanisation of SEQ… it still remains the case.

The Liberals have never governed anywhere in Australia by themselves.

We’ve governed twice on our own.


Thanks for the laugh!
And I hope you realise LNP is only the name of two ‘unified’ parties in Queensland, not the National Coalition.
Oh, and humour has 2 U’s.


Tell that to Briana


He’s standing in front of an LNP bus in the pic…

I’m a life member of the LNP.

When I went to UQ we were taught to spell it humor.

Any more jibes mate? Or is that all ya got?


I have a few ideas, none of them can’t be repeated due to the violent nature and animals harmed :stuck_out_tongue:

anyway I think this thread has just gotten off topic and I want to bring it back to the actual point of the thread. We are talking about federal politics, which I assumed was Australian politics. If we want to talk about New Zealand politics (which I don’t, so having to scroll through many of the wasted posts) shouldn’t ya just start a New Zealand Politics thread or in the general section start a “Mawing the lawn” or. “Who invented the grass” thread :stuck_out_tongue:

So ScoMo has met Donald Trump at the G20. What do you all think? Think these two idiots can string a long sentence to have. a real sit down discussion about our countries or whether Trump is going to come to Australia for a visit :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m sorry anyone that think Morrison is the best thing for the party are beyond stupid. He is a complete fake. From his campaign bus to his current views. They all contradict themselves and have been lied to save face and try to gain voters. The only person who could have saved the liberals was Julie Bishop but they wouldn’t let her in because she probably would have stood up for herself and had her own identity. Typical libs.


Who the hell is Briana? You really do need help. You seem unable to comprehend anything you read, including people’s names. You have completely misread everything that has been written about lawn mowing, the LNP, you name it., and then resort to childish insults. I hope you get the help you clearly need.


What are the issues you refer to in the LNP?

Deb not doing a good enough job for you?

Or (gasp!) dare I say it… were you referring to the Liberals?


According to the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1901, New Zealand is listed as a state :rofl:


In the preamble.

New Zealand did not want to join the federation because they were afraid that Maori would be treated as horribly as aboriginal people.