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I agree completely. The Liberal’s old man boys club is showing itself right and centre at the moment, and Australia is a progressive country so at the next election they will get punished for it for sure. If anything of the blood both at the Victoria election can be learned, it is certainly is possible they can be wiped out at the Feds.

Julie Bishop is the one thing they are scared of, they got Malcolm because he was a moderate left with conservative views, and they don’t like that. Look at the position on the Energy scheme and when he was originally dumped by the Liberal Parter as Liberal Leader (forgotten year) when he signed a deal on climate change with labor? (Was it climate change… I’m poking at straws here).

The Liberal party isn’t going to change into any moderator to reflect view the modern society they we all come to love and play giddy goanna with.

That’s just fact. :slight_smile:


Unless Morrison manages to pull a Keating style victory in the last week of the election, I doubt the Coalition will be returned to Government.

They’ve strayed so far from what the public wants it’s not funny anymore.


It will be the biggest clean out of the party. Hopefully Dutton and Abbot are the first to lose their seats.


Exactly. They haven’t listened to anything that Australian citizens want since they regained power. So it’s been years of just them telling us what they think we should need.

I kinda want Tony abbott to return so that way the election wipe out will be victory and sweet. Poor deluded Tony Abbott thinks he has a shot about being PM again. :stuck_out_tongue:


Totally disagree.

The battle state is Queensland. Julie is not only hated here, but despised.

She’s a liberal. She was never gonna win Queensland.

The best hope for the Coalition was either a conservative or a non-aligned like Scomo.

The only way to save the furniture.


Considering the Victorian State election, the Liberals are on track to lose massively in Victoria in may.

If they lose Victoria they lose the election.

EDIT: I just realized how american that sounded.


It’s LNP in Queensland. Can’t be LNP in Tasmania, where I live for example, due to a distinct lack of a National Party until former Devonport mayor Steve Martin suddenly decided he was one after he replaced the ineligible Jacqui Lambie. You do realise that is a bus PM Morrison had whilst in QLD? Would look incredibly stupid to be going round in a bus that has the wrong party name on it, now wouldn’t it? He’s a Liberal member for some seat in the Sutherland shire (exact name escapes me at the minute), and is part of a Liberal and National Party coalition which just so happen to have a closer bond in QLD as one party. You, of course, know this by being a life member of the LNP.
As for that, I don’t care who you are/aren’t a life member of, thought that was clearly obvious.
As for the spelling of humour, UQ (which I can only assume is the Uni of QLD or something) has led you astray with the spelling of that particular word.
As for jibes, I think you need to look up what it means in the dictionary because I haven’t made any.


Scomo is aligned, don’t you worry about that mate. And he will punished for it and hope Dutton as well. This whole government reeks of suppression of the Australian people.

Furniture? wtf? Don’t you mean future.


Why does she need to win QLD when the National party dominate in that region anyway? This fascination with QLD from everyone is totally baffling. There are so many other states that need focussing on and she would be strong in all of those if she ‘allegedly’ isn’t in QLD.


By furniture he means seats,

It’s a term thats used in NZ and refers to 1990 when Mike Moore was made Prime Minister. His sole job was to “Save the furniture” (Seats)


Im not sure what to think of PM Morrison and President Trump meeting as yet. The news report I saw made it sound like Trump didnt know who our PM was.


Sounded like he only just found out that Turnball was shafted. They seemed chummy though, but I give it 3 weeks before Trump will scream into the phone receiver and slam the phone down on our worthless PM :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks for explaining :slight_smile:


Complete and utter rubbish. I won’t bother listing all the Liberal only governments past and present.


Agreed. If I could like this post twice, I would!

I know all about the “38 Newspolls in a row” stuff but wasn’t Turnbull actually not that far behind Shorten in the polls before the spill happened in August? Prior to that, I reckon the Liberal party actually might’ve still been able to win the next Federal Election but not now!

Malcolm Turnbull was rolled in favour of Tony Abbott around Late November/Early December 2009. With the benefit of hindsight, probably the start of what was to come.

And yes I’m aware that Brendan Nelson was the pre-Turnbull Opposition Leader after Rudd became PM. But somehow, I couldn’t have seriously imagined Brendan Nelson winning an election!

…or as awful as this sounds, unless something 2001-like happens which turns voters conservative again.

Not something I really want to happen of course, but unfortunately it wouldn’t overly surprise me if the Coalition are hoping for something like that.


And if anyone is as sceptical as I am - after watching Scandal - the Government could make something like this happen.

I do think this is the reason why the election will be pushed back as far as they can.


Tasmania currently is one example.


Morrison is an ex advertising executive and not a very good one from all accounts. Anything you see as genuine and authentic is phony. He’s nothing more than a Charlatan.


South Australia, any Liberal Government in Victoria until Kennett, the former Liberal minority government in WA the list goes on. We all know how the dodgy Nats under Joh managed to win majority government in Queensland all those years ago.


Thanks ‘ScoMo’