Federal Politics


I said liberals such as yourself.


You’re 100% Pakeha I take it?

Not a fan of us?

Oh well. Welcome to the future old man.


No, I’m Maori.

I can bet you 100% Simon and Paula wouldn’t be able to say their Whakapapa.


Neither could Wiremu.

Does that mean Maori can only come from the left side of politics?


Wiremu who…?

If you’re “Maori” you should be able to know and say your Whakapapa. If you can’t, you should invest in trying to find it out. I doubt Simon and Paula really care about the fact they’re “Maori” and will only use it as a campaign ploy in 2020.

Where Labour will wipe them out 2002 style. :upside_down_face:


Hey this is the West Island politics thread! :stuck_out_tongue:

Cutting someone’s grass is even better than mowing it… just sayin…


I’ll never understand the mentality of you leftists… but I’ll respect you never the less…

As a child I remember the day Norman Kirk died. The whole nation wept.

Even us conservatives.


Isn’t that one of the biggest problems with politics today, the frankly ridiculous labeling.

Take me for example, I’m left of centre on most social issues but right of centre of most economic issues. And I think most voters are the same, a mix of opinions and positions.

The deliberate polarising of the electorate is nothing more than manipulation by vested interests.

A politician of vision and passion should be respected and honored regardless of whether you agree with them or not. That doesn’t stop you engaging in a debate of ideas.


Please don’t take this the wrong way… as a life-long national I will never vote Pauline…

But I spend most of my weekends out in the Scenic Rim (One Nation Heartland)…

The locals out there love her because she is passionate. And I respect that as well. Despite the fact I disagree with much of what she stands for.

She’s passionate. And the locals love her.


Absolutely! I’m similar BTW.

They try to label every opinion as left or right. It’s really misleading and frankly dangerous to democracy.

I think the “base” or centre of Australia is fairly close to how you describe it. Socially progressive and economically slightly conservative (although only slightly).


An example of how politics has changed is today’s death of President George H W Bush (41).

A Republican universally praised and acknowledged.

It’s hard to imagine a leader today receiving the same sort of genuine, heartfelt acknowledgement given what politics has become.

It’s not a case of praising everything he did or even agreeing with it, it’s an acklowgemenr of service, passion and dedication to public service… these things aren’t exclusive to either side of politics and don’t always apply to all of our leaders.


Well said.

I saw a great doco on John McCain a few months ago on SBS… now I’m a conservative and GOP supporter… and not a fan of John McCain (as many conservatives aren’t).

But the guy did many great things.

And I guess if him and I sat down and chatted we would have a lot more in common than what we don’t (for example, he was a huge supporter of the Cardinals).

We’d have to do it in heaven of course.


I’ve spent the day out mowing the lawn (it’s a pain as it is anything but flat), can someone fill me in on what the 60odd posts I missed were about please??


Mostly manure. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Briana seems to think mowing lawns is somehow a uniquely Australian thing and that for those of us who weren’t born here we should just f*ck off…

It’s that typical Kochie ‘Australia’s the only country in the world’ type attitude.


See. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Oh no… being a Star Trek nerd I believe we’ve entered a temporal causality loop…


Make it so.



What does my political ideology have to do with the fact that if someone wants to label themself Maori they should know their whakapapa.

Anyway I’m off to tend to the sheep in the back paddock.


Given that you’re kiwi I’m not going to ask what “tending to the sheep in the back paddock” really means.

But I assume it involves gum boots.