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My memory of Popeye’s in the US is how much food you get in a meal for a relatively cheap price (compared to say KFC or similar places). Somehow I don’t think it will be the same in NZ or here.

Popeyes is overrated, overpriced and slow. Although the same can be said for most fast food places these days.

I live around the corner from a Popeyes and I can’t even tell you the last time I went there.

I remember the last time I had Popeyes and it was godawful. Someone brought it to a potluck dinner and I had indigestion for two days afterwards. Between Chick-Fil-A and Roamin’ Rooster (which is a local chain in my part of the States), I don’t know what they’re bringing to the market.

Nandos has sparked serious online debate with its decision to go cashless.

The popular chicken chain only accepts cards at restaurants, and it’s a decision that has raised divided customers across the country.

lol ranting for ranting sake.

Following attempts to relocate the venue from its Kent Street base in central Sydney, owner-chef Tetsuya Wakuda has made the “very difficult decision” to close doors permanently on July 31, reports Nine Newspapers.

“Our plans to relocate Tetsuya’s to a new site after it closes at the end of July have unfortunately not worked out and I have made the very difficult decision to permanently close the restaurant,” Wakuda said in a statement.

The Original Crispy replaces the regular Original Fillet across the range, and features the Original Recipe with 11 secret herbs and spices in a double breaded crispy coating.

Red Rooster’s Chicken & Gravy pie has launched today.


Grill’d launched two new burgers yesterday to celebrate the company’s 20 years in business: the Zorba the Sheep burger and the Best Zing-Ever (chicken) burger.

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I like the Grill’d burgers. Their chips are a bit average though.

Sushi Jiro in Westfield Chermside is now home to the Southern Hemisphere’s largest sushi train, spanning approximately 115 metres, and accommodating 171 guests. This news comes after the Japanese restaurant brand unveiled the world’s first circular sushi train, spanning 30.6 metres, in December last year at Melbourne’s Westfield Doncaster.


I can’t remember the last time I saw a Pizza Hut commercial.

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Probably not since the Dougie the Pizza Guy days…

All I get is Dominoes coupons in my letterbox. And not much else. No Pizza Huts on TV in a long time.

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They are too busy sending spam to your inbox. :stuck_out_tongue:


This caught my attention on Insta. A fast food restaurant chain overseas is called Jackaroo which sounds very Aussie but doesn’t seem to have an Australian connection. The founder says it was set up to bring original American fast food to Greece. They mostly do burgers and rolls with some unusual fillings but they call them all sandwiches. They already have four locations with two more opening soon.

This is something that I’m keen to try and is at least something different to other mainstream takeaway offerings. I’ve really rated Red Rooster above most of the other main takeaway chains since their menu improvements last year.

We realised recently that there is a Pizza Hut not too far from us so tried it the other night when we had people over and I didn’t really rate it. They were very average. As far as main chain pizza’s go I much prefer Domino’s.


I remember going to the Pizza Hut’s in both Mornington and Frankston.

I tried it the other night - I liked it, but also thought it was nothing special in terms of taste

I like Pizza Hut for their Wings and Pasta - go elsewhere for pizza.

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