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Apparently Carl’s Jr is coming to Australia…

Any good?

It’ll depend on how they price themselves IMO. They’re great in the US, a rare burger chain that makes no effort whatsoever to be “healthy”. Generally larger burgers then your standard McDonalds/BK as well.

apparently? Its happening in 2016 - they are waiting for planning approval for restaurants.

I thought Carls Jr was opening in Central NSW in the next month or two. It will take forever for Carls Jr to expand west.

Only ate Carls Jr in KL, Singapore and the US.

Central NSW? That’s an odd place for a chain to open a new restaurant. I would’ve thought that the first stores would be in Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane/Gold Coast myself!

There are plans to open a Carl’s Jr in Tamworth of all places. I’ll admit, it’s a unique way of expanding into the country.

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Carls Jr fries I tried - meh. Seems like regional areas probably suits the brand.

As in Central Coast NSW? :wink: Gotta remember, such a place called Central NSW does exist…

polishes work farewell presents, CSU degree :stuck_out_tongue:

They want to open up around 300 locations in Australia over the next few years, so they might want to start in western and central and northern and southern NSW and Western Sydney. They might open 1 or 2 in the centre of Sydney for tourists and those looking to try.

Not facing any ridiculous backlash like Tecoma McDonalds, are they? :slight_smile:

Guys VARSITY BAR in Perth HOMYGOD! the best burgers in Perth and such a good service

I read this headline this morning and laughed - would be a real bastard trying to eat your soup with a fork!

It also says that eating in front of a mirror makes junk food less tasty.

I was in Melbourne city yesterday and noticed a new 8 Bit store had just opened at the corner of Swanston Street and Little Bourke Street. 8 Bit is well known for its burgers and hot dogs at its Footscray store. I was thinking of trying a hot dog before going to see a movie (Joy) at nearby Hoyts Melbourne Central, but seeing a long queue I decided against it. Will definitely try it next time I am in the city.

I have to wonder about the longevity of the popular, more independent Melbourne burger joints like Huxta and 8-bit. If they don’t expand the right way they’ll just be the next Grill’d.

Grill’d has nice fries, but their burgers are a mess. Small buns + tall content = fail

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Yeah Varsity Bar is at Broadway shopping centre, near UWA. They also have Varsity Burgers on Aberdeen St right outside of the Game Sports bar. I would go for Varsity Bar because you can get bevvies and play pool!

I went to 8 Bit in the city today and there was still quite a queue at around 2pm on New Year’s Day. I ordered a Golden Axe (chicken burger with sriracha sauce and slaw) which costs $10.50 and a salted caramel milkshake which costs $7.50. The burger was tasty but a bit spicy (due to the sauce) and the milkshake was not too sweet.

Ikea meatballs. Sensational Sunday lunch. :thumbsup:

From what I can tell via Twitter, apparently there’s quite a huge line at Sydney’s pop-up shop of the In-N-Out burger chain.

I’m not sure about anyone else, but I personally think that the hype surrounding the launch of another fast food chain (as if Sydney doesn’t have enough of them already!) is absolutely ridiculous. No fast food is worth waiting six hours for IMO!

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McDonald’s Japan introducing chocolate covered fries on January 26.

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