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Well, good luck to those people who order McDonald’s tonight.

Found out about fhe McDonalds systems being down when I went in there after work. Was wondering why there were no customers and why the staff were just standing around. They told me when they saw me, and I thought it was a local issue until I had a look online.

Can confirm that my post work junk food cravings were satisfied with some KFC (which tasted very nice)


Have considered the six wicked wings in a large meal instead :yum:

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Bit of an…unhappy meal…for some patrons tonight.

Hope all the staff who were sent home get paid for their full shifts.

If they are casuals, they don’t get paid.

i am the chosen one

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People can’t survive one day without Maccas. Sad.

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It’s Friday bro. Families often use tonight as treats for the kids for the end of week, after school sport activities or people returning home from the clubs. It’s quite the money maker on Fridays.


Some McDonald’s outlets back online after tech outage in several countries

The fast food giant ruled out the possibility of a cybersecurity incident and said the tech issue was being resolved, after its restaurants in countries including Japan, UK, Canada and Australia faced outages earlier in the day.

The company’s outlets in the UK and Ireland were fully back online after the outage, it said, while McDonald’s Australia said most of its restaurants had reopened.


That’s what I ended up having! It was delicious.

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The ‘Tradie Pie’ is now available from all Harry’s Café de Wheels locations across NSW.


That’s from October 2022.

Now McDonald’s has decided to bring back the regular Sprite.


Evidently, they’re obeying the customer’s thirst.


The article mentions several eateries which have been affected.
The Forge (Ballarat pizzeria): in administration
Mitchell Harris (Ballarat wine bar): on market
Frank and Connie’s Kitchen (Hepburn Springs restaurant): held its last service on Easter long weekend, now on market
Harry’s (Hepburn Springs cafe): on market
Donna Maria (restaurant in Flinders on Mornington Peninsula): closing in coming weeks
Comfort of Strangers (Ballarat cocktail bar): closing down
Evans Bakery (Ballarat bakery): closed on March 28

Recent notable regional Victorian venue closures include Beechworth gastropub The Empire and popular neighbouring cafe Amandhi’s. In Bendigo, sourdough bakery The Good Loaf and The Subtle Eye cafe closed this year alongside boutique Blue Bird Patisserie, which closed last year. In Geelong, upmarket Ambergris Hotel has closed, and three venues in Maldon: Le Sel, Franco’s, and The Kangaroo Hotel have all closed in recent months.

Starting to see the issue with some of these

They can’t blame cost of living when they are the cost of living! You priced yourself too high for the market and failed, adapt to survive.

The main thing that can be regulated would just be rent controls in commercial zoned properties. If something is zoned for being shops, and there’s no shop, that should have a vacancy tax, so that there’s an incentive to lower rents to fill them.

The places inevitably become “boutique gastromical experience hubs” because the rents are so high that’s the only model that looks right on paper.

It opened yesterday (April 7) according to the chain’s Instagram.