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From tomorrow (Feb 14) the McDonald’s “Adult Happy Meal” will be available in Australia.


Yep, it seems that Starbucks is now a thing in Australia.

I wonder how much these will be? Imma buy into the hype haha

Every store is always so busy.

I don’t use them, but I think the drive through concept is working well here.

It’s like a happy meal for adults?

yes, it’s literally in the name


Do you get an adult toy with it? :joy:


38,000 Big Macs in 50 years?!

That would be 2 a day!

Surely you’d be dead by now eating that many?

And yet he looks quite healthy! :thinking: What is this sourcery? :joy:


I know! I am a bit suspicious of the 38,000 claim though.

Where was the first McDonald’s store in Melbourne?

This website says it’s the store in Glen Waverley.


Subway man conspiracy theory vibes. :thinking: :joy: :rofl:

It is correct. It is still located on the corner of High Street Road and Springvale Road. It opened in 1973 and was the second McDonald’s store in Australia.

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Except for the missing teeth. Must be all that sugar in that processed food.

The 7News digital article even says he’s diabetic. Melbourne McDonald’s worker George Caruana, 69, celebrates 50 years on the job | 7NEWS


And it’s still operational?