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Why does “savoury” need to be highlighted on the hashbrown bites?

If they were all bubble teas maybe it would work here…

I see it potentially only working here if it was incorporated into a standalone McCafe.

But with McCafe being a standard fixture of almost all McDonald’s, I think a standalone McCafe would cause confusion with some consumers thinking it’s a full service McDonald’s.

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Is bubble tea really that popular here though? I don’t see a large portion of population drinking it.

Australia seems to be more educated or health conscious when it comes to these type of drinks.

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Haven’t you noticed the 50 million bubble tea shops around Australia? I’m not a fan of it but these shps are everywhere.

Gong Cha is huge and even advertises on radio. Chatime and Sharetea are big franchises too.

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Seems like a fade with teenage girls…?
I’m aware it’s popular in Asia.

Bubble Tea is huge.

And this McCosmc thing is literally one trial store in Seattle (I think) so isn’t headed to Australia anytime soon.


There was an element of it being a fad when the shops started opening in Australia. I remember huge crowds outside a lot of the shops and they did open a lot of different branded ones. I’d say during Covid, many shops closed but since then new ones have opened. I don’t think the customers are limited to teenage girls either.

Yeah, unlike the muffin, cupcake and frozen yoghurt fads, I think bubble tea shops have done a better job surviving nd expanding.

Chatime has over 165 shops in Australia. Gong Cha has over 150 shops. Sharetea over 100 shops.

It’s still strong within Asian-Australian communities.

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This should tell you if it’s popular here or not… Interchangable nowadays (not being racist btw this is from a marketing perspective)

Adelaide’s Yankees Burger Bar will open its first Victorian store at King Street in Melbourne CBD on Monday, December 11. The Melbourne store will give away 500 cheeseburgers (normal cost $11.99 each) free on the day.


Red Rooster and Budgy Smuggler’s ROOSTER SMUGGLER collaboration.

:joy: Now that’s funny.


I had Red Rooster for the first time in a decade last week. The quality of the food was unexpected. The battered pineapple, chips, gravy and chicken were outstanding and looked and tasted just like the marketing photos. The quarter chicken was also a decent size, much bigger than the pigeon that KFC sells.

It was not a meal, it tasted more like a feast.


Red Rooster is king. Heaps better quality than KFC, tastier and better value for money. KFC keeps getting more expensive, smaller and the menu keeps getting worse.


Starbucks has seen a resurgence in Australia due to Gen Z’s preference for large sugary drinks with cream.

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I think that has always been the case when people are young. Zeds are not unique in that respect.

I don’t know about a resurgence. After closing so many of their cafes, this has been the first year they turned a profit in a very long time. They only have 69 outlets in Australia now compared to 2008, when Starbucks had 87 locations.


The quality of Starbucks’ coffee has also improved which will help

They seem more focused on drive through coffee at the moment?

The profitability has been reported as a resurgence.

Gen Z’s preference for large whipped drinks is attributed to their love of iced coffee and the instagram friendly nature of many Starbucks drinks.

Starbucks is looking to rollout into metro Perth next year (well WA if you don’t count Pannawonica). Clarkson (cnr Neerabup Rd/Key Largo Drive) will be the first store pending no delays. Will be Drive-Thru store with a 7-Eleven next door.

Maybe this was planned before Withers and Barlow decided to sell 7-eleven.