Fast Food/Takeaways and Restaurants

Yeah, I just wanted to see what it was like… i don’t think I’ll go back.


Hopefully not too many Good Vibrations after that!

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My stomach and bowels can happily report no side effects! :smile:

This is from the Facebook group “Old Shops Australia” KFC is trying to be a little less Kentucky and a little more Aussie. This is from the new Revesby store.




Agree. Not really a fan of this.


this feels like pandering

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Can I bring my 7 maaaaaates?


The stores around me have the same updated signage too.

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Australian private equity firm Allegro Funds has sold Pizza Hut Australia to US-based Flynn Restaurant Group.

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I wonder if they’ll revert the branding back to the 90s logo. As they’ve done in the US.

Was Pizza Hut’s master franchise rights in Australia originally owned by PepsiCo but they sold it a few years ago?

Yum! Brands now opens brand rights to Pizza Hut worldwide along with KFC and Taco Bell. Yum! will have to give consent to Flynn’s purchase of the Australian franchise.

Hog’s Breath Cafe on Friday revealed it is soon shutting its Dandenong and Karingal restaurants in Victoria.

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A shame, I like Hogs Breath, their Newcastle store closed during the pandemic.

I hope they come good again.

Been months since we’ve seen anything new, but I just spotted a new example of the BK Flame typeface in use at HJ’s just now:

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They’re still trying to flog the plant based whopper?

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I suppose so, but that wasn’t the part I was interested in :laughing:

A small plant based Whopper meal at nearly 5000 kilojoules. That’s 60% of your daily energy needs. Fast food vegetarian meals are clearly not part of a weight loss plan!