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From BigFooty’s Logo Discussion thread…How on earth did this happen!? :frowning_with_open_mouth:


Are we sure that’s a legit image from HJ’s? And do we know the source? The website retains all existing branding… (and I did search for the other thread, but not sure where it was…)

I did an image search and it seems to appear on the thumbnail of a random YouTube in 2021 (and doesn’t seem to be in the actual video), but nowhere else… could have been a mock to get people to watch the video

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It’s an official logo. Got designed back in 2001 but was never used. Possibly due to the franchise dispute back then.

They should really update the logo to better match the current Burger King logo.


Thats the new now old as theyve gone back to the old now new BK logo! I wish HJ’s had rolled that out here :wink:

Looks a lot like the Johnny Rockets logo.

Saved themselves a lot of money by not doing that twice.

I know. But at the time, the BK logo signage looked fantastic. I prefer the retro look overall though.

The Cheese and Bacon McSpicy is - you guessed it - the same as the McSpicy burger but with rasher bacon and Australian Jack cheese added.


Marrybrown’s Burwood One store opened to customers yesterday (May 24). Photo from the restaurant’s FB page

The ribbon cutting ceremony took place two weeks earlier.

This report from The Star in Malaysia says Marrybrown will open two more Melbourne stores by the end of 2023, one of which will be located at Crown Casino.

Benny’s American Burger from Adelaide will open its first Melbourne store at Chapel Street, South Yarra, on June 2.

The McDonald’s on the M1 at Wyong will be changed to Hungry Jack’s


Get fucked

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The burgers are better… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It sounds like the previously planned and approved service centres just north of Morisset will be the new location for McDonald’s but they would need to get it approved again since the planning approval lapsed last year.

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I’m led to believe the approvals havent lapsed (not sure whether they’re relying on the covid extension of approvals or they’ve lodged modifications) - Lake Macquarie Council mentioned the project recently as one that they were expecting to start construction soon.

I wonder if that means the McDonald’s in Morriset town will close. It’s a pretty small town itself.

I was just going based on the Council approval letter in 2017!20190614T212311.773%20GMT

Looks like the land was sold in 2019/2020 to “a major oil supplier” (I’m guessing BP rather than Shell).

This document has the plans!20190614T212309.945%20GMT

There won’t be any local access to it.

I tried Wahlburgers at Surfers Paradise today.

I had the Super Melt, it was nice, but not cheap at $26 with a soft drink (no fries).

Just the burger? :open_mouth: Sounds like an absolute ripoff.

Burger and drink only, no fries. Burger on its own was $20

no fries and $20?!
(is it wrong that i would still pay that much for a burger?)

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