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KFC= slow to serve, slow to digest…with a quick exit.


On the topic of KFC, is the Original Recipe Chicken always often soggy when ordered?

Because it had been a while since I last had it (usually go for the crispy six wicked wings) so I ordered it two weeks ago and noticed it was so decided to try a different location the following week just to see if there was a difference, and still the same result.

It tastes okay, but I’m curious if it’s a common occurrence for others here as well. :poultry_leg::thinking:

they are opening a drive though Grilled not too far from me (ive been told its the first drive though) and based on my past experience i expect they will have to pair down the menu, change the kitchen operations or suffer the same fate of massive queues

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It could potentially be a similar set up to the 3 KFC drive thru only operations in Australia, where you place the order on the app/website beforehand (maybe with an ETA pick up time)

We have one of those here in Newcastle.

Whilst I’ve never tried it, it must be pretty efficient as there’s never any sort of a queue there.

And it looks odd seeing all the drive thru lanes and very little store or car parking.

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Wyong (actually Tuggerah) McDonald’s used to have their party room upstairs in what I would basically call the attic lol

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Could be Yanchep of all places. Though they might be choosing places that isn’t flooded with a HJs , McDonald’s around every corner

I ate once there around 20 years ago when I was last in Frankston with my family. It’s now a single storey eatery next door to the head office of South East Water.

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Noodle Box has opened in Mornington next to where Red Rooster used to be.

Noodle Box? Is that a Melbourne thing?

Noodle Box are all over the country.

Not in Sydney. Not in New South Wales.

Oh interesting. Every other state bar NSW. And NT.

They definitely were once in NSW/Sydney, I didn’t actually realise they’d left. It has been a long time since I’ve seen a store though.

There is still evidence of stores online that use to be in Parramatta and Ballina.

It also appears they are re-entering the market in a bit of a random location:

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IIRC Noodle Box had a trademark issue in some states.

Benny’s American Burgers, which currently has four outlets in Adelaide, is expanding interstate, with a new store opening soon in Chapel Street in Melbourne according to this social media post.


That doesn’t look very appetising. The bun looks like plastic and the whole thing looks something that would fall apart all over you.

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Certainly a photoshoot burger, probably won’t look anything like that.

Usually a bad omen.
A number of venues have expanded from interstate into Melbourne via Chapel Street, and they’ve all done poorly. Jus Burgers (which went out of business completely in Perth last year) did this about 10 years ago.

They’re at an odd spot along Chapel though, which gets them a little bit out of the way of the main ‘foodie’ section of it - I dunno if that’s a good or bad thing - there’s not as much competition, but less foot traffic looking for food.