Farmer Wants a Wife

Five new farmers are ready to follow their hearts down the road to real love in an exciting new season of Australia’s favourite bush fairy tale, Farmer Wants A Wife , premiering 7:00pm Sunday 4 September on Channel 7 and 7plus.

This year’s farmers include Farmer Will, 26, from Berriwillock, Victoria; Farmer Paige, 27, from Cassilis, NSW; Farmer Ben, 27, from Wingham, NSW; Farmer Benjamin, 33, from Guyra, NSW; and Farmer Harry, 23, from Kyabram, Victoria.

Thrilled at the chance of playing cupid once again, host Natalie Gruzlewski has a very special helper this time around: Seven’s acclaimed journalist and presenter Samantha Armytage, joining in a guest role. Growing up on a farm and now married to a farmer, Samantha is perfectly qualified to help Natalie guide the farmers to finding love.

Thousands of eligible singles have applied to meet the farmers. Join them as they meet their favourites, inviting a special five back to their farm to learn who is made for life on the land and who might spark a love that can last forever.

The road to love in 2022 will be even more romantic with dreamy overnight dates, luxury country getaways and spectacular group get togethers that will set the stage for life changing love stories.

With 170 marriages, two long-term relationship and 388 beautiful farmer babies worldwide, Farmer Wants A Wife is the world’s most successful dating show. In Australia alone, the series has resulted in nine marriages, two long-term relationship and 25 babies – and that is even before this year’s season concludes.

Farmer Wants A Wife is a Fremantle and Eureka Productions co-production for the Seven Network.


Samantha Armytage is on the front cover of Stellar magazine’s 6th anniversary issue today. The article says it was Seven West Media CEO James Warburton who offered Sam a guest appearance on the new season. Sam’s husband Richard Lavender even agreed to appear on the show as part of her back-story package.

“He (James Warburton) said to me, ‘This is sort of your life’,” she recalls. “And I guess it is.

“I mean, I didn’t see it that way. I didn’t move to the country to find love; it sort of happened organically because the man I fell in love with just happened to live in the country, thank God.

“I didn’t really want to be in the city, but I just didn’t know who I’d find in the country, and usually country boys get married quite young.”

“After 22 years in news, doing a bit of fun, genuine, sweet reality TV is a really nice change for me, and it’s been really nice to be part of it.”

The beginning of a love story

Three farmers invite their partners back to the farm

Tonight marked the start of a fresh season of love on Farmer Wants A Wife on Channel 7 and 7plus, with host Natalie Gruzlewski playing cupid to five new farmers, plucked from paddocks around the country, including incredible female farmer Paige.

With first date nerves in overdrive, Farmer Will (26, Berriwillock, Victoria), Farmer Benjamin (33, Guyra, NSW), Farmer Harry (23, Kyabram, Victoria), Farmer Ben (27, Wingham, NSW) and Farmer Paige (27, Cassilis, NSW) gathered in the picturesque Hunter Valley to meet the person who could be “the one”.

From thousands of eligible singles who saw their profiles online, Farmers Ben, Harry and Will met their favourites in a round of speed-dating.

“I don’t know what’s been going on in Brisbane but you can’t let someone like that be single running around, that’s sheer madness”, Farmer Ben said after meeting 31-year-old hospital administrator, Leish.

Farmer Will was smitten with Madi, a 25-year-old legal assistant. “I’m smiling a bit more than I was before. Absolutely she’s my type.”

It was love at first sight for Farmer Harry when he met 22-year-old psychology student, Tess. “When I saw Tess, my heart did skip a beat. That smile, I was just instantly attracted to her.”

After much awkward laughter and stolen glances, the three farmers invited five ladies back to their beloved farms. One special lady was given an enviable head start with a 24-hour date with her chosen farmer.

Farmer Ben: Leish*, Lisa, Lauren, Maddison, Renee

Farmer Harry: Rommi, Tess, Gabrielle*, Elise, Isabella

Farmer Will: Madi, Alicia*, Jess, Keely, Sahara

*24-hour date winner

Tomorrow night on Farmer Wants A Wife: Farmers Benjamin and Paige meet their partners and choose their top five. All five farmers head back to their farms with one lucky partner they’ve chosen to spend the first 24-hour date with. Turning on the country charm, they do their best to impress their dates with intimate dinners and romantic gestures.

Farmers sow the seeds of love

The romance heats up with first dates and first kisses

Tonight on Farmer Wants A Wife on Channel 7 and 7plus, Farmers Benjamin and Paige opened their hearts to love.

After a round of speed-dating, Farmer Benjamin invited his top five to the farm, while Farmer Paige decided to only invite four suitors.

“We are given such a short amount of time to get to know each other. To be really fair and respectful to you all and what you’ve done to be here, tonight I’ll be only asking four of you to join me on the farm. I respect you all too much to bring someone to farm that I don’t think I can see the future with,” said Farmer Paige.

After choosing one special person for their first 24-hour date, romance blossomed in the country as the farmers tried to woo the dates on their beloved farms before the other partners’ arrival.

Farmer Benjamin sent 36-year-old music teacher, Lyndsay, on a treasure hunt, while he stayed back to plan a surprise outdoor dinner. Lyndsay said: ”No one’s ever done something as grand as what Benjamin’s done this evening for me. What a man! And he thinks that he’s not schooled on romance!”

The dinner conversation took a serious turn when Benjamin expressed his desire to start a family one day, an idea that Lyndsay wasn’t opposed to, and the pair ended their first date with a kiss.

After spending the evening with Farmer Paige on a sunset picnic overlooking the farm, 26-year-old carpenter, Glen, said: “Coming on this journey has definitely been a good decision. I’m feeling confident that this could be the beginning of a love story, so I’m very interested to see where the things go.”

Farmer Will showed his romantic streak when he organised a magical, candlelight dinner in the woolshed for 24-year-old hairdresser, Alicia. While there were definitely some sparks, Will was in no rush to take the romance to the next level. “Of course I’d like to kiss Alicia, I’ve thought about it at times. I’m just not going to act on it just yet,” he said. “I didn’t come here to find a girlfriend. I didn’t come here to kiss everyone. I came here to find a really nice lady to be my wife.”

Farmer Harry went with a safe option and ordered Chinese takeaway for his special dinner date with Gabrielle. The 23-year-old property manager said she felt really comfortable letting her walls down around Harry.

Old-fashioned chivalry and a home-cooked meal was on the menu for Farmer Ben’s date with 31-year-old hospital administrator, Leish. The date ended with a kiss and a smitten Ben.

The farmers invited the following partners to their farms:

Farmer Ben: Leish*, Lisa, Lauren, Maddison, Renee

Farmer Benjamin: Courtney, Erin, Lyndsay*, Hannah, Jen

Farmer Harry: Rommi, Tess, Gabrielle*, Elise, Isabella

Farmer Paige: Dylan, Marty, James, Glen*

Farmer Will: Madi, Alicia*, Jess, Keely, Sahara

** 24-hour date winner*

Tomorrow night on Farmer Wants A Wife: The 24-hour dates come to a crashing halt when the other suitors arrive to begin their adventure on the farm. The experience becomes real when the farmers receive a surprise letter from host Natalie Gruzlewski.

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Failed connections

Double dates and first departures

Love bubbles burst in tonight’s Farmer Wants A Wife on Channel 7 and 7plus.

After the farmers spent a romantic 24 hours with their first solo dates, the remaining partners arrived to explore their new homes for the next six weeks, but couldn’t help noticing the connection their farmers had already made.

Farmer Benjamin took his ladies for a birds-eye view of the farm he hoped would be home to one of them, even before they had a chance to unpack.

Farmer Will organised some clean country fun and a dip in the dam for his ladies; while Farmers Ben, Harry and Paige wasted no time putting their partners to work to find out how they would react to farm life.

Later in the evening, the farmers treated their partners to a home-cooked country meal. Things took an interesting turn at Harry’s farm when his first solo date, 23-year-old student pilot Gabrielle, felt pressured to tell Harry about her conversation with the other ladies at Hunter Valley.

Gabrielle told the ladies that she wasn’t sure about Harry and would leave the next day before agreeing to join him on the farm for their 24-hour date. This made Harry doubtful about Gabrielle’s intentions going forward.

During the dinner, the farmers received a letter from host Natalie Gruzlewski instructing them to choose two partners to spend the whole next day with, before making the tough decision about sending one of them home.

The next morning one of Farmer Paige’s partners, 36-year-old handyman Marty, farewelled the farm due to illness. With one less suitor, Paige decided not to send any of her men home and spent the day getting to know 29-year-old carpenter, Dylan, and 30-year-old electrician, James.

Farmer Harry was joined by Gabrielle and 22-year-old artist, Elise, for a hike. Despite choosing her, Harry admitted: “It’s safe to say Gabrielle has fallen from the top spot. If you had asked me 48 hours before, I wouldn’t have chosen her because I felt we were pretty solid. But when she told me she wanted to go home, it made me question she might not be in the long haul.”

Farmer Benjamin and his two ladies: 37-year-old fitness trainer, Jen, and 33-year-old interior designer, Courtney, spent the day with his sheep. Jen, who felt uncomfortable being on a double date with Benjamin, said: “I’m feeling quite overwhelmed by the whole situation. I think it’s making me take a little step back and just realise that Jen and Benjamin have one of the strongest connections.”

In order to make the right decision at the end of the day, Farmer Ben approached his date with 24-year-old vet nurse, Lauren, and 29-year-old recruitment consultant, Renee, with a clear agenda. “With Renee, I’m definitely weighing up whether there is a connection there more than just friendship. With Lauren, I’m weighing up whether she’s ever going to feel comfortable enough to come out of the nervous little shell,” he said.

“I chose Keely because I feel like she’s still in a shell little bit and I chose Sahara because she really intrigues me but I don’t know if there’s a spark there,” Farmer Will said about his decision to choose 24-year-old personal assistant, Keely, and 25-year-old maritime personnel operator, Sahara.

After spending quality time with their chosen two, Farmers Ben, Harry, Will and Benjamin farewelled the partner they couldn’t see a future with.

Partners farewelled tonight:

Farmer Ben: Renee

Farmer Benjamin: Courtney

Farmer Harry: Elise

Farmer Paige: Marty*

Farmer Will: Sahara

** Marty walked out due to illness*

Sunday night on Farmer Wants A Wife: The farmers and partners gear up for their first big catch-up at the Country Ball. For some, it brings romance; but for others, a reality check. At the end of the night, one of the farmers is at the risk of losing not one but two potential partners.

Farmer Wants A Wife 7.00pm Sunday and 7.30pm Monday and Tuesday

Eureka will produce the reboot of the US version for Fox.

Drama on the dancefloor

The annual Country Ball ends in tears

Excited farmers and their partners arrived at Tamworth for a night full of country music and dancing at the annual Farmer Wants A Wife Country Ball tonight on Channel 7 and 7plus, but despite the celebrations, reality came calling for some ladies.

Ben gave his ladies an unexpected wake-up call to the realities of dairy farming in the wee hours of the morning: “Early starts are part of dairy farming. It’s important that the girls get there and understand if they’re to live with me for the rest of their life, that these mornings are gonna be forever."

Ben raised some eyebrows when the others noticed him showering his first 24-hour date, Leish, with attention while instructing them on how to milk cows. “He’s not really giving any of the girls time, it’s just Leish,” said 32-year-old salon owner Lisa. Laura, the 24-year-old vet nurse, also thought Ben had “tunnel vision”.

Later, emotions ran high after the ladies heard Leish sneaking into Ben’s room at night. They decided to address it head-on the next morning, but Ben reassured them that he has “a genuine connection with each one of them and not just Leish”.

With Australian country rock singer-songwriter Casey Barnes performing live, the annual Country Ball kicked off in high spirits.

But before everyone took to the dancefloor, the farmers caught up to swap stories from their first week with partners on the farm. The farmers advised Farmer Ben to divide his time equally with the ladies on his farm after he admitted spending majority of his time with Leish.

Ben decided to have a chat with Leish: “The farmers definitely had a great advice. I’ve gotta give the other girls a chance. But Leish and I have got an amazing connection. So, I really wanted to be honest with her.”

While the farmers and their partners strutted their stuff on the dancefloor, one of Farmer Will’s partners, 24-year-old personal assistant Keely, fell and knocked her head. Embarrassed, Keely refused to return to the party.

Despite Will’s best efforts, Keely made the decision to walk out: “I don’t know if just all my emotions are sky high from embarrassing myself, but it just kind of put it into perspective for me. It’s like, well, this is a sign to say it’s not working.” Her decision upset Will as he “really enjoyed having her around and enjoyed getting to know her”.

But there was more drama in store for Will when another partner, 24-year-old hairdresser Alicia, expressed her desire to go home as she wasn’t getting Will’s attention. A perplexed Will said: “I started with four ladies and Keely’s gone home, and now this with Alicia. I honestly don’t know what’s happening.”

Farmer Benjamin and 32-year-old flower farmer, Erin, snuck out for an intimate chat that ended in a kiss. The move left Benjamin in a conundrum: “I’m in a serious amount of trouble. I really am. I’ve kissed Lyndsay, I’ve now kissed Erin and I am… I’m split. I’ve got a connection with all of these ladies and I’m all over the shop.”

At the end of the ball, the farmers each chose one partner for the next solo date.

The partners chosen were:
Farmer Ben: Maddison
Farmer Benjamin: Erin
Farmer Harry: Tess
Farmer Paige: Dylan
Farmer Will: Jess

Tomorrow night on Farmer Wants A Wife: Spectacular solo dates lay the foundation for deeper connections. As some bonds become stronger, others start to wane. A blindside causes a shock about-face at the farm farewell dinner.

7.00pm Sunday and 7.30pm Monday and Tuesday

Love and lies

Sky-high solo dates leave some ladies jealous

From helicopters to rowboats, the road to real love took an adventurous turn in tonight’s Farmer Wants A Wife on Channel 7 and 7plus.

After spending some time at the Country Ball with 32-year-old flower farmer Erin, Farmer Benjamin was curios to discover whether they shared a deeper connection, leading to a romantic adventure and another kiss.

While Erin enjoyed her helicopter ride, the other ladies were less than thrilled about their their farmer’s grand gesture. “I was jealous. I’ve never been in a helicopter. That’s pretty wow. Benjamin and I kissed and it will be disappointing if he does develop a deep connection with someone else here. It would be a huge reality check, for me”, said 36-year-old music teacher Lyndsay.

On Will’s farm, 24-year-old hairdresser Alicia was feeling withdrawal symptoms after their first solo date: “Since the girls have come into the house, it’s obviously been a bit hard to adjust because I don’t get Will all to myself anymore. So, I have to try not to go back in my shell. I have to try and speak up because otherwise I’ll get forgotten.”

Alicia’s fears took shape when Will shared a picturesque date with Jess, with the farmer admitting to 25-year-old dental nurse: “Every time I’m around you, I don’t stop smiling. I’m never confused or anxious about what to talk about. You have a really good attitude. It’s refreshing to be around.”

The connection between Paige and 29-year-old carpenter Dylan was obvious after their solo date, with 26-year-old carpenter Glen noticing: “I think there is definitely sparks between them. Seeing them grow a connection does really bother me.”

After her dreamy solo date with Farmer Harry, 22-year-old psychology student Tess visited the local Country Women’s Association along with Harry’s other ladies to get the recipe for a successful country life. While talking to the women there, 23-year-old student pilot Gabrielle realised she might not be suited for the lifestyle, but would move anywhere for the right person.

As Farmer Will and his ladies geared up for some farm work, Alicia refused to join them despite Will’s best efforts to convince her. Later she confessed she is a “a big culprit for overthinking things”. Will’s other two ladies weren’t pleased with Alicia’s way of dealing with pressure. “I think it really highlighted her insecurities”, said 25-year-old legal assistant Madi.

Before the farewell dinner, Alicia told Madi and Jess about her desire to leave the farm. Sensing tension in the air, Will took Alicia outside for a chat, where she told him all was well and she wanted to stay. To Jess and Madi’s surprise, Will announced that he didn’t want to farewell anyone, leading the ladies to take the matters into their own hands.

After the pair confronted Alicia and the truth was revealed, a shocked Will felt betrayed by this blindside and reneged on his earlier decision. “It’s so disappointing. Honesty underpins the relationship for me. If you don’t have that, you don’t have anything”, he said after sending Alicia packing.

At Ben’s farm, 32-year-old salon owner Lisa was missing her daughter, and let Ben know she had decided to leave. “There’s obviously other girls here that are amazing and he can form other connections with other girls and that’s just how the story goes”, she said. A single father himself, Ben confessed he understood “how much she sacrificed to be here”, and wished her goodbye.

Before the night was through, one more partner realised farm life was not for him, as 30-year-old electrician James farewelled Paige. “It’s hard because I genuinely like Paige. She’s unreal. I just don’t see my future on a farm”, he admitted.

Partners farewelled tonight:

Farmer Ben: Lisa*

Farmer Benjamin: Jen

Farmer Harry: Gabrielle

Farmer Paige: James*

Farmer Will: Alicia

*Lisa and James walked out

Tomorrow night on Farmer Wants A Wife: The farmers and their partners hit the road to reunite for a fun-filled overnight camping trip. But not everyone is a happy camper, and one farmer is left contemplating everything.

Happy campers?

Sparks fail to fly on romantic getaway

A fun-filled camping trip took a turn for the worse for some in tonight’s Farmer Wants A Wife on Channel 7 and 7plus.

Farmer Ben and 31-year-old hospital administrator Leish raised some eyebrows when they snuck off to a lookout in the early morning. Lauren, the 24-year-old vet nurse, confessed: “Finding out that Ben and Leish had gone on a one-on-one date this morning was a bit of a surprise. I didn’t know it was happening. I’m just gonna see how the next couple of days unfold. You know, if he’s not feeling anything, I’ll go home.”

Meanwhile, Farmer Paige sensed a loss of connection with Dylan: “I think there’s just been something with Dylan where I can’t quite figure out how he feels about me. I think he’s interested. Men are normally quite physical and quite open and so that’s where I’m struggling. I know Dylan is shy. Maybe I need to ask where I stand with him.”

At Will’s farm, 25-year-old legal assistant Madi was left on the sidelines after her farmer held a surprise birthday lunch for 25-year-old dental nurse Jess. “Obviously I love Jess and we get along really well, but then at the same time, it’s also really hard to see them build a connection. It’s very easy to get inside your own head. I feel like there’s just moments that are a little bit more overwhelming, so It is a conversation I need to have with Will,” she said.

Unaware of what host Natalie Gruzlewski had in store, the farmers and partners hit the road to go camping. When Natalie welcomed them with the promise of a major 24-hour date, the partners were beside themselves, while the farmers were left substantially stressed.

Later when the farmers went fishing, Ben’s revelation that he’s “fallen head-over-heels for Leish” left Harry conflicted with his situation: “On one hand, it’s great that he’s feeling this connection with someone straight away but, on the other hand, I don’t know if it’s too early and there’s definitely a bit of this ‘is he in the honeymoon phase?’ going on.”

After chatting to the other farmers earlier, Benjamin’s confession about kissing two of his ladies sparked frustration among those vying for his love. “I guess, just hearing that Benjamin had kissed Lyndsay and Erin tonight, it made me feel like I was not even second-best, like third-best. Yeah, it sucked,” said 29-year-old event planner Hannah.

When Paige took the bull by the horns and asked Dylan: “Do you feel a connection growing or do you think that there is one there?” she wasn’t expecting the response she got. Taken aback when the 29-year-old carpenter said he was “struggling”, Paige turned to her fellow farmers for advice.

Having dodged a bullet himself, Benjamin told Paige: “Dylan might need some time to absorb that but there is the other side of that. If that conversation got shutdown straight after you said, ‘I think I might like you,’ then is it actually worth him being here?”

Disappointed, Paige said: “I’ve gotten to a point where there’s potentially nobody interested in me and I’m not building a connection with anyone.”

Next week on Farmer Wants A Wife: After a big weekend of camping, the farmers choose who to take on their next 24-hour solo date. Then Sam Armytage brings the farmers to where it all began, with a choice sure to send shockwaves through the farms.

Sam’s surprise

Sam Armytage introduces 10 new partners for the farmers

It’s been a bumpy road to real love for the farmers so far, but the next game-changing surprise from special guest Samantha Armytage is sure to send shockwaves on Farmer Wants A Wife, 7.30pm next Tuesday, 20 September on Channel 7 and 7plus.

Sam has searched the country to find 10 new potential partners – two for each farmer – to ensure everyone has the opportunity to meet their perfect match.

The farmers will spend one-on-one time with each of their potential partners before inviting one of them back to the farm to join rest of the group. Find out all about Sam’s chosen partners in the attached media kit.

Set to ruffle some feathers, these latecomers are not afraid of the connections the farmers have made with their existing partners. Could a last-minute arrival win a farmer’s heart?

Existing partners on the farms:

Farmer Ben: Leish, Lauren, Maddison
Farmer Benjamin: Erin, Lyndsay, Hannah
Farmer Harry: Rommi, Tess, Isabella
Farmer Paige: Glen, Dylan
Farmer Will: Madi, Jess

Season final set for Sunday 2 October

Against the NRL Grand Final?

Surely not.

That was the schedule supplied earlier, but it has now been changed to 7Spotlight and Hey Hey repeat.

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This Wednesday’s episode will see Farmer Paige taking part in a community fundraising event for rural organisation Drought Angels, the charity partner of the show. There will also be free air time for a Drought Angels commercial on TV and 7plus.

New love on the horizon

Sam Armytage takes a shot at playing cupid

A shock surprise from Samantha Armytage brought romantic highs crashing back to earth in tonight’s Farmer Wants A Wife on Channel 7 and 7plus.

Following an incredibly emotional night, the farmers announced their next 24-hour solo dates, while Farmer Paige dropped a bombshell: “I’m not actually going to be asking either of the gentlemen to come on a date with me. I made the decision to send both boys home. I wouldn’t have been true to myself if I kept things going further. I came here to find love and nothing was growing with Dylan and Glen. There was no other option today but end this chapter.”

The other farmers, basking in the glow of newfound romance following their last 24-hour solo dates, were caught off-balance when host Natalie Gruzlewski announced: “Partners, you’re gonna be heading back to the farms while our farmers are going to be heading back to the Hunter Valley, where this quest for love all kicked off. Sam Armytage has a surprise in store.”

In the Hunter Valley, Sam revealed her surprise: “I have been searching the country and I’ve found two more partners for each of you to meet. You’re gonna have some time with each of them, one-on-one, so at the end of today, you must choose one to invite back to your farm stay.”

After bidding goodbye to her original suitors, Paige was hoping for a better run this time around: “I want love, so Sam’s choice is a second round for me and I can’t believe that I’m being given that opportunity, but we have gone down this path before. I, sort of, tiptoed into it and now I’m like let’s actually just jump off the cliff. You don’t turn down an opportunity like this.”

Hearts were aflutter as the farmers spent the afternoon getting to know their new potential partners.

“I really like how humble Ayden is. He just seems really certain about himself and where he’s going and that makes me excited to find out more why he’s taken this opportunity with me,” Farmer Paige said after meeting 34-year-old builder Ayden.

Farmer Harry was instantly attracted to 27-year-old insurance claims specialist Bronte: “She’s very pretty, got a great smile, and I’m impressed.”

After meeting 23-year-old Holly, Farmer Will knew he was in for trouble: “Holly comes out guns blazing. She’s really lively, really positive. I really enjoyed talking to her. Applecart might be upset a little bit with Jess and Madi. I’m in a bit of strife here.”

Farmer Benjamin thought 34-year-old medical receptionist Laura seemed “very vibrant and lovely”, while Farmer Ben applauded Sam on her choice as he found what he was looking for in 24-year-old beauty therapist Kiani.

At the end of the day, each farmer invited one new partner to their farms except Farmer Paige, who extended the invite to both her suitors.

Partners invited to the farms:
Farmer Ben: Kiani
Farmer Benjamin: Madelene
Farmer Harry: Bronte
Farmer Paige: Cody and Ayden
Farmer Will: Holly

Tomorrow night on Farmer Wants A Wife: Trouble in paradise as farmers and new partners arrive to a frosty reception. Will the potential for new love alter the course of everything?

Now set for Monday 3 October

On the Tuesday there will be a Reunion special.

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Trouble in paradise

New partners arrive to frosty receptions

Sam’s choices served romantic rifts as they arrived on the farms in tonight’s Farmer Wants A Wife on Channel 7 and 7plus.

Farmer Benjamin found a foolproof way to impress 33-year-old people and culture advisor Madelene, bringing her along to pick a new working dog for his farm: “Who doesn’t love puppies? I thought that was a pretty sure bet, to be perfectly honest.”

Romance blossomed between Farmer Harry and 27-year-old insurance claims specialist Bronte, after their date in a sunflower field left Harry speechless: “It’s hard to put into words what I like about Bronte. Just everything. I can’t fault her and everything just feels very natural. Think we’re gonna walk away from this date on a high.”

Farmer Ben got up close and personal with 24-year-old beauty therapist Kiani during their beach date, hoping to fish for some information about his new lady. Smitten, Ben said: “Kiani’s a half-time bombshell. She’s something I didn’t see coming at all. Kiani’s everything I could’ve asked for in someone meeting halfway through this journey.”

After a fun-filled pub date, Farmer Will was impressed with 23-year-old account manager Holly, confessing: “I’m over the moon with Holly. She’s really bubbly. She’s lots of fun. I think things have started really, really well.“

Farmer Paige took romance to new heights as she went rock-climbing with her two new suitors. “There’s been more physical contact in the first 24 hours than what happened the whole time anyone was on-farm,” she said.

Benjamin’s ladies made no attempt to hide their disappointment as 36-year-old music teacher Lyndsay asked Madelene to “excuse the not-so-warm welcome”.

On Harry’s farm, Bronte’s arrival brought doubt in 22-year-old psychology student Tess’ mind; while Will’s partner, 25-year-old legal assistant Madi, had heightened insecurity after welcoming Holly.

The biggest blow came for Leish, who was hoping to spend alone time with Ben for her birthday, but was instead gifted the surprise of Kiani’s arrival. Devastated, Leish said: “Ben and I have always had those laughs and great connection and stuff. So to see it happening with someone else, it’s different and it’s hard to see.”

As the farewell dinner approached, Farmers Benjamin, Paige and Will decided not to send any of their partners home.

Harry farewelled 22-year-old ski lift operator Isabella as he “didn’t see that future with her”, and 24-year-old vet nurse Lauren decided to leave, telling Farmer Ben: “We both need different things from a partner and I don’t feel like this is gonna work.”

Sunday night on Farmer Wants A Wife: The tide turns as partners pitch blind dates, with the winning ideas securing precious solo dates, before the farmers’ families stop by to meet their potential in-laws.

Farmer Wants A Wife Continues 7.00pm Sunday

The Drought Angels commercial

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According to Sunday Herald Sun’s Fiona Byrne, a keen eyed rural viewer revealed that the property that was presented as Farmer Harry’s farm was located at Gloucester in NSW, more than 900 km from Kyabram in northern Victoria. Seven confirmed in a statement that due to COVID, part of Harry’s journey was filmed on a dairy farm near Gloucester, and “the location of the farm didn’t impact the series as Harry’s ladies were able to experience life on a dairy farm with Harry, including the early morning starts.”