Farmer Wants a Wife

Mums’ matchmaking moves

Heartbreak and new beginnings rock the farms

Tonight on Farmer Wants A Wife, host Sam Armytage enlisted the farmers’ mums to give them their best chance of finding the perfect match on Channel 7 and 7plus.

“Your mother has chosen two incredible women who they think would be an excellent match for you,” Sam texted the farmers.

As the farmers set out to complete the task at hand: inviting one or both of the new ladies back to the farm; Joe said: “I don’t want to feel guilty about this, but I want my mum to really like the person I’m with. So if she has seen something in someone, I really want to explore that.”

Uneasy with the thought of Farmer Bert dating potential new partners, Lauren made a heartbreaking decision.

Her parting words left Bert upset: “I wanted to come chat to you, because I’m really struggling. This whole process has been really hard for me. I’m not sure I can keep doing it, so I’ve got my bags. I’m gonna go home.”

After spending a night at Tom’s farm, mum’s choice Angela seemed less enthusiastic about farm life: “I have come to conclusion that I just don’t want to live on a farm, with lots of animals. It’s a bit smelly. I’d definitely like to be in my beautiful house in the city,” she said before packing her bags.

As the farms cracked on with this new development, Dean was still missing. “We don’t know where Dean is,” Tiffany said.

Almost 24 hours after leaving the farm, Dean returned with a life-changing decision. Sending Bella and Tiffany home, he confessed his love for Teegan: “I’ve fallen in love with you.”

Sunday night on Farmer Wants A Wife: Hearts flutter with the promise of romance as the farmers and ladies dust off their dancing shoes for the annual Farmer Wants A Wife country ball.

With solo dates up for grabs, the competition heats up. “It’s been hard, but I’m not the one to give up,” Karli, one of Farmer Bert’s ladies, says.

True confessions rock the ball when one lady leaves before the last dance, leaving a farmer heartbroken. Who will it be?

Farmer Wants A Wife Continues 7.00pm Sunday, 7.30pm Monday and Tuesday on Channel 7 and 7plus

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Blindsiding move

The annual Country Ball ends in heartbreak

Tonight on Farmer Wants A Wife, the excited farmers and their ladies enjoyed a night of music and dancing at the annual Country Ball, headlined by Aussie singer-songwriter Brittany Maggs.

The farmers caught up about their first few weeks with ladies, with Farmer Joe confessing mum’s choice Susie was a front-runner for him: “It was straight away just great chemistry and good match. We just have a real same sense of humour, and yeah, real instant, sort of thing.”

Before the evening kicked off, host Sam Armytage announced: “Dean and his ladies won’t be joining us here tonight because Dean and Teegan are madly in love and they have begun their exciting journey together as a very happy couple,” hoping this news sparked confidence in rest of the farmers and ladies.

With solo dates on the cards after the ball, the ladies put their best foot forward to try and catch their farmer’s eye. But Susie had something that she needed to get off her chest.

“The farm work is not super enjoyable. I am really struggling, thinking about how that would affect me and my happiness long term,” she told Joe as she decided to leave.

Blindsided by Susie’s decision, a heartbroken Joe doubted the rest of his ladies: “Unfortunately, for the other ladies at the farm, Susie leaving made me question everything. The farm’s my future and it’s sort of an extension of me. So, to love me is to love the farm. I just truly hope that everyone here is being truthful with me.”

At the end of the ball, each farmer chose one lady for their next solo date:

Farmer Bert: Karli
Farmer Dustin: Izzy
Farmer Joe: Calya
Farmer Tom: Sarah A

Tomorrow night on Farmer Wants A Wife: Farmers and their ladies head off on their all-important one-on-one dates in a chance to explore deeper connections and find the answers to lingering questions.

Then, feelings intensify to breaking point as the farm farewells raise some uncomfortable truths.

Farmer Wants A Wife Continues 7.30pm Monday and Tuesday on Channel 7 and 7plus

Honest opinion

Truth sparks farm conflict

Tonight on Farmer Wants A Wife, emotions intensified to breaking point as farm farewells raised some uncomfortable truths.

The farmers eagerly anticipated the opportunity to explore deeper connections during their all-important one-on-one dates: “It’s hard to get to know any of the girls in the group setting,” said Farmer Tom ahead of his date with Sarah C.

Echoing his feelings, Farmer Dustin said: “Sometimes you just need to get away from the farm. I think it shows another side of them and it’ll probably show another side of me.”

Farmer Joe, a keen fisherman, brought Calya to his favourite spot for a bit of fly fishing, but he had another motive: “Calya’s and I’s lives are vastly different, from the city to the country, to what she does for work, what I do. I guess I really wanted to see how our lives and our future would be able to intersect.”

After a day of fun and romance, the farmers and their ladies returned home for the next farm farewell.

Flying high with confidence after her date with Joe, Calya drew battlelines during the dinner when she called out Keely and Claire for not being honest about their feelings: “How do you find connection if they’re not being honest? Farmer Joe deserves to hear the truth.”

Calya’s pursuit for honesty rocked the farm farewell: “It’s quite obvious that I’m not very good at seeing signs or picking up what’s happening around me. I’m worried that people aren’t speaking their minds,” Joe said before inviting all his ladies to stay.

At the end of the dinner, Farmer Dustin bid goodbye to Chloe. Farmers Bert, Joe and Tom did not send anyone home.

Tomorrow night on Farmer Wants A Wife: The ladies go head-to-head, pitching blind dates to their farmers for the chance to secure a precious solo date.

But the road to real love is full of twists and shocking turns as one lady’s persistent attempt to seduce her farmer leads to heartbreak.

Life on the farm is about to get a lot spicier with a surprise text from host Sam Armytage.

“A text from Sam never means that it’s going to be smooth sailing. Curious to see what she’s got for us,” Farmer Joe says.

Farmer Wants A Wife Continues 7.30pm Tuesday on Channel 7 and 7plus

All’s fair in love

Passion and drama heat up the farm

Farm life got a lot spicier tonight on Farmer Wants A Wife, as the ladies tailored the perfect intimate dates for their farmers, before a late night message put the farmers on high alert.

Hoping to recreate the magic from their 24-hour date, Krissy planned to get up close and personal with Farmer Tom; while Sophie appealed to Farmer Dustin’s love of the simple things in life with a date by the dam.

After waiting patiently for weeks, Keely made Farmer Joe peel back some layers with a touch of body paint during their intimate date. “I was definitely very happy to see Joe in his birthday suit. I think all the other girls are probably going to hate me for this,” Keely said as Joe bared it all.

While Brooke enjoyed her date with Farmer Bert, Karli cooked up her own plans: “I’m just going to steal Bert away, just give him a little taste tester of what my date could have been, even though he didn’t choose mine. I’m a girl that doesn’t give up.”

Seeing Karli sneak Bert out right after their date, Brooke was devastated.

After a day of romantic blind dates, the farmers were in for one more surprise when host Sam Armytage texted: “I have some important people I’d like you to meet. You must pack your bags and leave the farm immediately.”

Not knowing what was in store, the farmers heaved a sigh of relief when co-host Natalie Gruzlewski introduced them to a brand new farmer: Todd.

Sunday night on Farmer Wants A Wife: Farmer Todd begins his journey to real love as he speed dates eight women before inviting his top five back to the farm.

Co-host Nat Gruzlewski invites farmers and the ladies for a weekend of camping under the stars, setting the stage for romance to blossom.

With 24-hour dates up for grabs, there’s no chance of a quiet night. As the sun goes down, the temperatures rise and tempers flare.

Farmer Wants A Wife Continues 7pm Sunday, 7.30pm Monday and Tuesday on Channel 7 and 7plus

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Would have made more sense to bring the new farmer in and offer any of the existing ladies an opportunity to defect.

A bunch of new people at this stage of the show is a bit blah.

" A bit blah", my opinion of the whole show. :smiley:

Bed of lies

A night under the stars takes a stormy turn

Farmer Todd set out on his journey to real love in tonight’s Farmer Wants A Wife, before joining other farmers and ladies for a weekend of camping under the stars.

Jumping headfirst into speed dates – with some guidance from the original four farmers – Todd invited Daisy, Ellen, Grace, Iyesha and Jacinta to his farm.

Anxiously waiting for their farmers on the camping site, the ladies from other farms heaved a sigh of relief when co-host Nat Gruzlewski introduced Farmer Todd and his ladies.

“I was stoked it was another farmer, because there was a split second where I thought maybe these girls are coming in and picking who they want to be paired with,” Anna said.

With 24-hour dates at stake, Claire hatched a plan to steal some of Joe’s time: “I saw the bathtub near our tent, so yeah, I just wanted to set up a little spot for us to share some time together. It’s obviously very out of my comfort zone,” she said, leaving Farmer Joe pleasantly surprised.

As the evening progressed, Calya started to realise the differences between Farmer Joe’s lifestyle and her own. Confessing to Krissy from Tom’s farm, Calya said she didn’t see herself living full-time on the farm in the next five years.

While Joe and Claire wrapped up their moonlight dip, news of Calya not seeing herself on the farm spread, with Joe’s other ladies wanting to get to the bottom of it. Determined to bring this to the farmer’s attention, Keely said: “She talks about honesty all the time, but what she’s saying to us girls is not matching what she’s doing or saying to Joe.”

Putting Claire’s feelings above the drama, Sarah shut Keely down: “It takes a lot of guts for Claire to pull Joe away, and we know that she doesn’t like to do that. Can we not rain on her parade? Can we pull ourselves together?”

Tomorrow night on Farmer Wants A Wife: Farmers whisk their chosen ladies away on the most romantic 24-hour dates.

A shocking secret throws Joe’s farm into turmoil, leaving him wondering: “I think I always feel like I’m in the dark. I want to know, straight from the horse’s mouth, what’s going on?”

Farmer Wants A Wife Continues 7.30pm Monday and Tuesday on Channel 7 and 7plus

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Double whammy

Farmer Joe faces another betrayal

After enjoying Nat’s weekend getaway, the farmers and their chosen dates set out for another romantic 24-hour adventure in tonight’s Farmer Wants A Wife on Channel 7 and 7plus.

Farmer Tom took a leaf out of a romantic novel and booked an entire steam train for an epic 24-hour date with Sarah C: “She has said that she’s a big romantic, so trying to live up to that.”

Farmer Joe began his magical 24-hour date with Sarah, hoping to learn more about her, while Farmer Bert and Caitlin rekindled their romance on a long-overdue second date.

Farmer Dustin and Anna got up close and very personal during their 24-hour date. “I think this date couldn’t be more perfectly timed, me being able to just reignite that flame that’s there,” Anna said.

As the other farmers were getting close to finding love, Farmer Todd took the first steps on his romantic journey as he invited Daisy to his farm for the first 24-hour date, before rest of his ladies joined them.

During the farewell dinner the next evening, Dustin ended Izzy’s farm journey, while Bert send Taneil home. Feeling the pressure of his first farm farewell, Todd said goodbye to Iyesha.

After farewelling Sarah A, Farmer Tom was left with his final two ladies: Krissy and Sarah C.

Ahead of the farewell dinner on Joe’s farm, Keely made a bold move: “Calya has said to us girls that she doesn’t see herself living on the farm. That’s something that Joe is very adamant about, that he wants someone to move to the farm. I think he has a right to know the truth,” she said before approaching Joe.

Feeling blindsided once again, Joe cleared the air when he pulled Calya aside for a chat: “I want to just hear it straight from Calya, so I just want to know what’s going on. I’m a bit sick of being blindsided by stuff, to be honest.”

After the chat, Joe and Calya mutually decided to end her journey on the farm.

Tomorrow night on Farmer Wants A Wife: With only two ladies left and a life-changing decision to make, Farmer Tom turns to his family. And the other farmers ask for advice from those who know them best.

But with tough questions come painful answers, as one farmer is told: “I don’t feel that she’s the right pick as a wife and as a mother to your children.”

Farmer Wants A Wife Continues 7.30pm Tuesday on Channel 7 and 7plus

Farmer finds a wife

Bush fairy tale comes true for Farmer Tom

Tonight, Farmer Tom found his forever after in Farmer Wants A Wife on Channel 7 and 7plus.

The last chapter of the youngest farmer’s search for love began with Tom meeting the families of his final two ladies.

He was grilled by Sarah C’s parents and best friend at their family home in Western Australia, following which her dad said Tom seemed like a “pretty decent bloke”.

In Mollymook – where Krissy’s parents had set up camp while travelling Australia – Tom spent the afternoon answering some hard-hitting questions from Krissy’s dad, who attempted to determine “if he’s got my daughter’s best interests at heart”.

After being swept away by two incredible women, it was time for Farmer Tom to make his momentous decision: his heart belonged with Sarah C.

Tom said: “It has been an honour having you around the farm. I’ve absolutely loved every moment of it. Sarah, you are the person that I want a relationship with, and I am falling in love with you.”

Thrilled, Sarah C acknowledged she was “excited to move back to the farm and have you all to myself” before declaring “I do love you.”

“I love you too,” Tom replied.

Disappointed at not being chosen, Krissy said: “I’m a bit shocked and I think I have a valid reason to be. I did not see this coming.”

For the remaining three farmers, the search for love continued as they set out to impress the ladies their mates picked for solo dates the previous night.

Tomorrow night on Farmer Wants A Wife: The farmers turn to their closest relatives for advice. “I’ve got a wonderful family and I definitely would like a bit of help of which way to go next,” Dustin says. Who will score the critical final solo dates?

Farmer Wants A Wife Continues 7pm Sunday, 7.30pm Monday and Tuesday on Channel 7 and 7plus

Farmer Bert bids farewell

Hope and heartbreak on Farmer Wants A Wife

Tonight Farmer Bert dropped a bombshell leaving Brooke, Catilin and Karli packing their bags; while fellow farmers Todd, Joe and Dustin said goodbye to Ellen, Claire and Belle in a dramatic episode of Farmer Wants A Wife on Channel 7 and 7plus.

Farmer Bert put his 24-hour date on hold with Brooke due to his farm work and after some soul-searching, made the difficult decision to depart the show – not selecting any ladies.

Bert explained: “Coming into this experience, I was looking for someone to share my life with. I think all the girls are wonderful, but I don’t have what it takes to be in a relationship right now. I just don’t have the emotional time to be the person that people are deserving of. That’s the reality of it.”

A devastated and apologetic Bert reflected: “Goodbyes are pretty hard for me. It always hurts but I know that deep down that it was the right choice for me to make. I was fully open to the idea of falling in love.

“I guess along the way the stress of it all, the workload, everything just got too much. The farm never stops taking. There’s always more work to be done. Before I start a relationship with somebody, I want to be happy with the farm, happy with my life, and I guess happy with all of it.”

Farmer Bert’s ladies – Brooke, Catilin and Karli – were shocked and disappointed, but empathised with his position.

Brooke admitted: “I didn’t expect that tonight. Obviously, you want to be the girl at the end, or someone that he’s sure of and falls madly in love with, but I care deeply about him, so I feel okay about it.”

Karli shared: “I want what’s best for him and this is what has to happen at this point in time.”

As Bert wrestled with his momentous decision, farmers Todd, Joe and Dustin moved closer to finding love on make-or-break 24-hour dates.

Farmer Dustin impressed Belle with a helicopter ride over his farm before an overnight stay at a winery.

Farmer Joe saw a different side to Keely after their mountain bike date, before spending the night at a cottage in Thredbo, while Keely admitted he had all the qualities she is looking for in a life partner and future father of her kids.

Farmer Todd explored his spark with Jacinta on a romantic river paddle and night in a glam tent before another round of gut-wrenching farm farewells.

After recognising his connection with Claire had lost momentum, Farmer Joe sent her home, while Dustin bid a bittersweet goodbye to Mum’s choice Belle, admitting his relationship with Anna and Sophie was stronger.

Farmer Todd felt Ellen fell into the friend zone, wishing her all the best in her future search for love.

Sunday night on Farmer Wants A Wife: Life on the land ends for the ladies, as the farmers head to the city. The final chapter begins and hard decisions need to be made.

Farmer Wants A Wife Continues 7.00pm Sunday

Finale 7.30pm Monday and Tuesday on Channel 7 and 7plus

Two Farmers find their forever

Dustin and Todd follow their hearts

Tonight two farmers found love, as Farmer Dustin and Todd followed their hearts in Farmer Wants A Wife on Channel 7 and 7plus.

Before their final decisions were made, the farmers headed to their ladies’ hometowns for one last chance to connect with them and meet their families.

After an epic search for their happily ever after, it was time for the farmers to make the ultimate decision.

Farmer Dustin couldn’t deny his “immediate connection” with Sophie. Acknowledging he “felt like they had known each other forever” Dustin declared his love: “As soon as I saw you, I thought, you’re absolutely gorgeous. I really wanted you to be the first one to come home and be on the farm and see all the special places that mean so much to me.

“One thing you’ve taught me is to open up and be vulnerable. It’s definitely made me into a better person,” Dustin admitted.

Following Sophie’s penchant for rhyming, Dustin professed: “I’m in love with that small town girl from Rand and I can’t wait to start our life back on the land.” Excited about the future Sophie said: “I am falling in love with you and it’s nice to hear you want to give us a chance and see what the future holds.”

Anna was emotional after Dustin broke the news that his heart belonged with Sophie: “I wish you guys lot of happiness. It will take a little bit to process the emotion. I don’t know what the future holds but hopefully someone else will come by and I’ll find love again.”

In his search for love, Farmer Todd has never lost sight of his goal: to find that one special lady who will share his life.

After weighing up the risk from previous heartbreak, Todd confessed: “Finding love is a big risk. I’m willing to take the risk with you, Daisy. I can finally give you the reassurance that I am definitely falling in love with you.”

Emotional, Daisy looked towards the future: “This is where the exciting part starts right? Forever.”

After the heartbreak of not being chosen by Farmer Todd, Grace was still hopeful: **“**I’ll find someone else. I know they’re still out there for me. I came here to find love and I found a love connection with myself, just not with Todd.”

Tomorrow night on Farmer Wants A Wife: Farmer Joe will make the biggest decision of his life. Will he choose Sarah or Keely?

Farmer Wants A Wife Finale continues 7.30pm tomorrow

8.30pm Sunday Reunion show on Channel 7 and 7plus

Farmer Joe find happiness

Stars align in farmer skies

Tonight Farmer Joe found the girl of his dreams, selecting Sarah in the Farmer Wants A Wife finale on Channel 7 and 7plus.

Joe admitted: “This is one of the hardest decisions I’ve ever made,” before acknowledging country-girl-at-heart Sarah had all the qualities he was looking for in a partner.

Joe declared: “I love the person you are. I love how strong and determined you are.”

In starting the next chapter of his life on the farm, Joe recognised the path to love isn’t always smooth: “It hasn’t always been easy with us. We’ve had some tough times. I’ve sometimes felt that you’ve pulled away. But I also know that you can be a shy person and take your time to get to know people.

“I also like that you challenge me. I don’t have all the answers for us, but I do see myself falling for you in the future. I want to tackle the future with you by my side, and us as a team.

“I’m looking for someone who doesn’t need me, but who wants me,” Joe professed before asking Sarah if she wanted to come back to the farm with him.

Excited, Sarah replied “absolutely” before the happy couple sealed it with a kiss.

Disappointed, Keely said: “I was definitely hoping for a different outcome. It will take a moment to be okay, but I have been here before, so I know I will be okay. It is disappointing because I’m not his person.”

Also tonight, Farmer Wants A Wife lovebirds Farmer Andrew and Jess – who met on the show in 2021 – walked down the aisle in Bermagui, joined by Joe as his best man, cementing their happy ever after.

Sunday night on Farmer Wants A Wife: One month since most of them made their final decision, our farmers have returned to where it all began. Who is still together? Who has found true love? Who is talking marriage and babies?

Farmer Wants A Wife Reunion 8.30pm Sunday on Channel 7 and 7plus

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