Eurovision Song Contest

That’s official 2021 Eurovision artwork.


The members of the Australian Jury who determine 50% of Australian votes will include Millie Millgate (chairperson), Kamahl, Brooke Boney, Ash London and Jack Vidgen.

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Don’t tell Daryl!

Good to see either Joel Creasy or Myf Warhurst being the “spokesperson”. We usually get one of the SBS newsreaders to do the job.

It’s always good to see who our Australian Jury are. Overall a good list.

That’s possible even if the primetime semifinal broadcasts were done the same day - all SBS would have to do is dedicate Saturday night to airing Eurovision specials


They could have shown that Fire Saga movie Saturday night instead of last week. I t would have done well sandwiched in there on the Saturday night.


After the first two semis I think the standouts for me were Malta, Ukraine, Iceland, Greece and Switzerland. My personal fave I think is Greece but if I was betting on it I think Switzerland will take it out.

I was also reading that the Serbia girl group had the most views on YouTube within 24 hours of performance so they could be a dark horse to rank pretty high. Italy and France seem to be big chances too of the big 5.


Ukraine and Cyprus doing well on Spotify

It is. I used the Opera browser.

Go Finland! :stuck_out_tongue:

Joel read out the Australian results

That were

Italy won after receiving a massive 380 points from the public. 3rd placed Malta very disappointed when their public vote of just 47 was revealed. It was another excruciatingly slow public vote reveal - hosts, The Netherlands receiving no public votes as well as Espania, Deutschland and UK.

Nul points to UK in another poor result.


Calls for Eurovision winner to be disqualified

This year’s Eurovision winners, glam rock act Maneskin, may live to regret the wild on-camera moment they accidentally delivered after their performance.

The band’s frontman could be seen bending down and snorting something off a table as they celebrated – with many viewers wondering if they’d just watched something rather illicit play out live on TV.

Oh please, some people are ridiculous. As if the green rooom security guards would have allowed them to bring drugs in.


Really enjoyed that finale. I liked quite a few songs this year but wasn’t a massive fan of either Italy or France. The vote count was very close and suspenful between the top few countries. I felt bad for the UK getting zero points.

Plus as if they are stupid enough to that with a camera constantly on them.

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Its in Western Europe, they have a very different attitude towards drugs. Especially Netherlands. Security would be checking for weapons, wouldn’t care about drugs.


Still they are surely not stupid enough to do that with a camera on their face or right before potentially performing again. They would’ve had a cameraman, security and others all around them.

The tabloids love suggesting things like this. I can vaguely remember them saying something similar about someone a few years ago.

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At the media conference that followed

“I don’t use drugs.”

“Tomas broke a glass with his leg” [suggesting that was what he was cleaning up]

”I don’t use cocaine… please don’t say that."


So viewers “wondering” about something is enough to call for the winner to be disqualified. Ridiculous click bait.


I enjoyed it this year, although I don’t think there was as many standouts as previously.

Watched the semis and the final with friends, we may have disagreed over our favourite songs, there was one thing which was unanimous, Julia and Sam are sorely missed.

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