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Last year’s winner Måns Zelmerlöw is currently in Queensland appearing in support of Guy Sebastian.

The Semi-final allocation draw will take place later tonight that will determine which in which semi-final Australia will participate.


He’d also been at the Australian Open last week where apparently he performed his Eurovision winning song.

He also spoke to Denis Walter on 3AW:


No Sunrise or The Project visit?


Heroes was played on 612ABC breakfast show this morning as well.


I’ve not been aware of any


What are the implications (if any) in which semi-final Australia performs? Is one preferable to the other? Does it matter which other countries are there as well?


Only 10 countries go through to the final from each semifinal. So if Australia is in a SF with a lot of other strong songs it might not make it through to the final.



Worth noting that UK will vote in semi final 2

Second semi final is Thursday 12 May European time.


definitely seems Australia is in the less competitive semi. The heavyweights Russia, Azerbaijan and 3x scandinavian countries are in the other semi.


The UK voice of Eurovision for over 30 years, Terry Wogan, has died at the age of 77 after a short battle with cancer.


2014 winner Conchita Wurst will reveal Australia’s entry into this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, during her concert at Sydney Opera House next Thursday night. The revealed act will also make a performance.
There is also a petition at demanding Shannon Noll be chosen to represent Australia in the competition so he gets the chance to better Guy Sebastian’s 5th place finish last year. :smile: (Guy beat Shannon to win the first ever Australian Idol title in 2003)


There’s heaps of petitions for Aussie contestants. People need to stop wasting their time. The person would have been selected by now and it’s getting announced next week I believe. Most people are tipping Delta.


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Guy Sebastian must have been so horrible that he came 5th and his song charted in numerous European countries. He was actually pretty outstanding IMO!

You do also realise that Eurovision is a competition run by the European Broadcasting Union, it’s really up to them who competes regardless of location. Whilst predominantly European, there have also been many countries that compete / have competed in Eurovision that are outside the boundaries of Europe including Israel, Cyprus, Armenia, Morocco and Australia.

Now I don’t necessarily think Australia should be a permanent part of the fixture, but if they want us there because the competition is popular here then why not. I’m all for a wildcard country being there every year (even if it’s not Australia) to add some excitement.


Cyprus is actually part of Europe and the European Union but agree about the others. Turkey could probably be included in that since it is part of Asia Minor although it does have some land in Europe. Meanwhile Azerbaijan and Georgia are now described as being “Eurasian” but like Armenia, most people don’t consider them as part of Europe.


Yeah a lot of those countries are borderline Europe/Asia or Europe/Africa… but yeah there’s definitely 4 or 5 countries who compete that definitely sit in Asia or Africa. To say the reason that Australia shouldn’t compete is because “We are not a part of Europe” means that a number of other countries should be withdrawing too if that was the rule, so it’s never been a rule. It’s really a song competition owned by the EBU… and we were asked by them to participate.


Delta’s availability will depend on the timing of The Voice live shows. Delta will need to spend at least a week in Sweden, attending rehearsals, press conferences, one semi-final and the final if she makes it. It’s possible a live show can proceed with Delta delegating mentoring to a guest singer, and herself watching all the live performances via satellite from Stockholm.


I think the timing is going to be perfect for Delta in regards to The Voice. I doubt The Voice will go to air until at least late April or May… therefore there won’t be live shows till after Eurovision. They are only this week just filming the audition rounds. Even if The Voice starts going to air in April I can’t see them getting through all the auditions, battle rounds etc on TV before Delta would be finished with a couple weeks in Europe for Eurovision.