Eurovision Song Contest

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She came 4th overall in the SF (3rd in the jury vote and 7th in the televote)


The problem is it’s been two poor results (to a degree) in-a-row - last year’s 9th place ‘masked’ the fact that Australia only got two points from the televote


The Uk gets poor results all the time and they are still here. Truth is that Guy and Dami had overall better songs and performances than Isaiah and Jess. But I agree she didnt deserve to come last in the televote and the juries also marked her down. But to be honest after her relatively poor rehearsals and the quality of songs this year I didnt expect her to come higher than 15th place.


Why do we have to do a dummy spit after one poor result? Australians have an interest in Eurovision and it has increased since we’ve entered it ourselves. There are many, many countries who have competed for decades without winning.

As long as the entry into the competition provides a big enough return for SBS in ratings ], advertising revenue and interest in SBS, then Australia will stay in the competition.


Sometimes I wish the two Aussie hosts would just shut up. I find it really annoying with their voices in the background.


That would be a lot less interesting. Every country does the same.


Good thing about getting the DVD. No commentary plus the bits that SBS chops out.


To each their own but it’s not about dummy spits or poor losers. The real fact is we are there by invitation only and it is in no way assured that we will continue to be invited. If we continue to be on the nose with the European voters one of two things will happen. Either we will stop being invited or will decide not to contest. It’s a completely different scenario to the UK (or other poorly performing countries) who have been in this thing for 60 years and are actually in Europe. We’ve been in it as an invited novelty guest for 4 years. Also despite great and increasing ratings for SBS if the acts we send start to get zero points after good performances it will actually damage ratings. People will switch off as they have in the UK. It could get to the point where having an Australian act in Eurovision ultimately results in LOWER ratings for SBS than if we don’t enter.


This really seems like an over reaction. Why would they stop inviting us? Countries who break the rules or do something bad are the ones who are “uninvited” or should I say banned. Just because other teams received more votes than Australia, doesn’t mean there is a sudden dislike of Australia being in the competition.

I think you’re hitting panic stations a bit too quickly. Even in countries where ratings have slipped, they still screen it and participate. Keep calm and carry on.


But we are there by invitation only, as far as I know the only country not a full member of the EBU to be allowed to participate. If the EBU gets the sense that the novelty is over for European viewers, or that it is damaging the song contest brand, they will simply not invite us. EBU full members are the only ones entitled to be in the contest.


Saw this mentioned on The Project - “lost in translation” moment for a tweet from Israel’s PM.


Mate I’m not hitting any button - panic or otherwise - so relax, just expressing in opinion.

I don’t think you understand that our “invitation” is special given SBS is only an associate member of the EBA, and it’s a completely different scenario to the member countries actually IN Europe.

As for the participating European broadcasters continuing to be in it, they are mostly state run enterprises with fewer commercial drivers than SBS and have a long cultural tradition within Europe. I also think BBC would dump it if they possibly could given the appalling treatment of their entries by both jury and public votes over the last decade. Brexit will only make it worse. It has become a bad joke in Britain.

Actually again just my opinion, but Eurovision has become a sad reflection of the EU itself over the past 40 years or so. A great time coming together with a small functional group of nations in the 70s and into the 80s. Then an over-expansion and delusions of grandeur in the 90s and 00s, then descending into tribal nationalism and dysfunction in the last decade. It’s art imitating life :slight_smile:

Anyway it’s just my opinion and I happen to disagree with you. That’s why it’s called a forum.




I must be the only one who thought Jess’s performance was quite ordinary.

Song was okay but wrong for the competition. Choreography, dancing, wardrobe choices etc all terrible. I think Jess did the best with what she was given but it felt like a Thursday morning at Brekky Central to me.

You do well at Eurovision by either whipping up the hype machine (high risk but it paid off for Israel today) or by producing an absolute knockout performance (like Dami did a couple of years ago). You don’t win by being the nice girl next door.


Disagree completely with you. We came 4th in the semifinal placing 3rd with the juries, only 2 points away from second place and 7th with the public, with only 6 points seperating 5th and 7th place. Thats an indication that Europe still wants us in the competition.

The truth is Jess had a very ordinary song and performance that didn’t stand out enough to make an impact in a very strong year. The majority of viewers see the songs for the first time in the final, so you have to have something which will make them pick up the phone and vote for you.

Guy and Dami had this. Isaiah and Jess didn’t. We just need to send better songs and better staging. Imagine if every country quit when they got one poor result, thats sore loser mentality.


I understand what you’re saying but it’s completely illogical to get good votes from the public in the semis and then come LAST in the public vote in the final. Last means the public thought it was the worst song behind 25 other songs and that undeniably indicates a backlash.

The semis voting is meaningless. In fact I doubt very many people vote in the semis. It would be a very small hardcore group so not indicative of the wider sentiment. You said yourself most people only see the song for the first time in the final.

By the way I also disagree with you on the song and performance. I thought it equalled Guy’s and was much much better than Isaiah. Dami’s stood above them all.


It was the highest rating show in the UK on Saturday night so despite the UK traditionally ranking poorly it is still a ratings puller


I’ll hahe whatever you’re smoking thanks. It’s simple, it wasn’t the best song in a pretty strong year. How’s your logic going given we’ve been in the top 10 every year until this one?

Also, warnings that we’re about to be kicked out is stupid. EBU countries have been dropping like flies over recent years (eh Turkey doesn’t compete anymore). We’re new blood. It shows the competition has life in it.


So it was the worst song of the 26 then in your mind? That’s what coming last in the public vote actually means. I’ll have some of what you’re smoking.


It wasn’t the worst but it was a middle of the pack song at best. Both the song and staging were very underwhelming despite Jess giving her best effort. I didn’t think we would finish higher than 15th this year.