Eurovision Song Contest

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I had hoped within Top 10 mostly because her song and performance was much better than Isaiah last year and he ended up 9th at the end of public and jury votes. I think there was nothing wrong with Jessica Mauboy’s performance but the staging was perhaps a little lacking when compared to some of the more elaborate sets that other countries came up with.

But I’m sure all parties involved will sit back and review their options and make a commercial decision, in particular Sony who I believe foots most of the bill for Australia to compete, but I’m not sure that exiting after one bad result is a particularly wise gesture. It just reeks of chucking a tantrum and would probably be seen as such.


No, coming last in the public vote means it was the least popular song/performance on the night. She was in the top half of the leaderboard after the jury vote which is a fairer assessment of the song itself.


And what about Israel who is not in Europe either and won this year?


I understand that but Israel is at least in the same hemisphere and is on the periphery of Europe. Similar to Azerbaijan and Morocco.

I’m not against Australia being in it - but only if we are welcome. Right now we’re about as popular as UK.



And that will take a while to go away. We have only been participating for 4 years. Eventually nobody will care that we are in it.


Maybe they should ask The Veronicas to compete for Australia next year. They tick a few diversity boxes and their European heritage would be a big plus.


Depends if they’re signed to Sony or not…


It seems that Australian viewers are not supporting Eurovision as much now that there is an Australian competing. It used to be fun to point and laugh at the funny Europeans with their weird song choices, lyrics, costumes and staging. Now we have to worry about Australia’s ranking, what went wrong, voting odds, why a commercial sounding entry doesn’t work, who to send next time - some of the fun seems to have gone out of watching the show.


I agree. I think that it’s a bit of a longer term risk for SBS that it might ultimately have a negative effect on audience numbers. But time will tell.


I honestly hope you’re right. But I’m not as optimistic as you are.


More people are watching it live now which I think is having an effect on the primetime replay. Also this year you could stream the show on SBS on demand so didnt necessarily have to watch it on TV.


I doubt that has too much to do with it. I would say moreso that with Australia in it we have increased media coverage which means more people are spoiled, so less likely to watch the primetime replays. Plus there are so many more options to watch it now (live, replay, online etc) which is going to impact it. In my group of friends they have much more interest with Australia in it than they did in the past.


The live on-demand ratings (VPM) and consolidated are all available and even when taking those numbers in account, viewership has fallen despite Australia’s participation. For example last year, fewer than 500 people nationwide watched the live broadcast.


Do you mean 500k?


No - to clarify less than 500 watched the live broadcast on SBS on-demand ie live VPM ratings.


Oh ok I though that this was the first year you could watch it live on SBS on demand and I know many other people who thought that as well. These numbers for last year provided by SBS look positive though:

Viewing Figures
In two tweets made yesterday, Michael Ebeid, SBS’s CEO and Managing Director, revealed the viewing figures from down under for this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. Overall, just fewer than 3 million people tuned in across the three shows, with 541K watching the Grand Final live, and 1.1 million watching the delayed prime time broadcast of the Grand Final.

Michael Ebeid
1/2 Thanks Australia for getting behind @isaiahofficial #SBSEurovision - we had nearly 3 million Aussies tune into @SBS’s coverage!

Michael Ebeid
2/2 And thanks to the 541K Aussies up at 5am yest for live #SBSEurovision Grand Final & the 1.1m who tuned into @SBS’s coverage last night.



Wow at the amount of whinging by some people and our media about our ‘poor’ result this year and saying that we should pull out from the competition.

If we pull out after one low result, then we really are sore losers. Instead of celebrating that we beat out 25 other countries including those that didn’t qualify to the final, some prefer to focus on all the negatives.


I’m going to blame Ryan Reynolds/Deadpool for sabotaging Australia.

I didn’t get to watch it but Jess’ dress was awful, and did she have any dancers? Were they not allowed?


They were allowed. You can have up to 6 people on stage. Agree that this particular song would have benefited greatly from dancers.