Eurovision Song Contest

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Isn’t all our opinions of Euro songs subjective? And subjectively I still think Israel’s song is rubbish whether it wins or not. :yum:


Jessica Mauboy is in the Grand Final.


Her performance was a little shaky at the start but once she got into her groove she really owned it. Definitely an energetic, fun and memorable performance. Her personality really shone through which I think will go to her advantage. If she can perfect the start in the final surely she is a top 5 contender.


I read a live blog that reported she couldn’t hear herself to begin with which could have contributed to the start which was a little off. Definitely the highlight of the show though. I really like the lack of special effects this year.


Well that would explain it. She’s performed there before so I didn’t think nerves would be too bad.

I remember saying the same thing about Dami Im’s performance though - it was a little shaky and wasn’t perfect in the semi and then she nailed it in the final. Hopefully it’s exactly the same for Jess.


Just my opinion of course but I think she’s a Top 5 certainty.



Moments ago, the producers of the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest determined the running order of Saturday’s Grand Final.

The running order was proposed by Christer Björkman, Contest Producer from the production team of Host Broadcaster RTP, and approved by the EBU’s Executive Supervisor and the Chairman of the Reference Group, the governing body of the contest on behalf of all 43 participating broadcasters.

Each act drew in which half of the Grand Final they would perform. As host country, Portugal drew its exact starting position (8) during the Heads of Delegation meeting in March.

  1. Ukraine

  2. Spain

  3. Slovenia

  4. Lithuania

  5. Austria

  6. Estonia

  7. Norway

  8. Portugal

— break position

  1. United Kingdom

  2. Serbia

  3. Germany

  4. Albania

  5. France

  6. Czech Republic

  7. Denmark

  8. Australia

— break position

  1. Finland

  2. Bulgaria

  3. Moldova

  4. Sweden

  5. Hungary

  6. Israel

  7. The Netherlands

  8. Ireland

  9. Cyprus

  10. Italy


There was a good Eurovision special on SBS last night. Eurovision Top 40 Controversies.

Although, I wonder if they’ll go back to showing the semi final repeats on Friday and Saturday nights seeing that the semi on Friday did a lot better than on Wednesday.


Haven’t watched Eurovision for ten years till this morning. What I find most remarkable was that they pulled all that off with NO technical glitches. All those songs performed with various stage props and gadgets, all working, no sound problems, then live crosses to 43 countries, all working. The ABC couldn’t do its first cross after the budget!


Pretty poor security though with another stage invasion.

Another one for next year’s list


The UK probably should have taken up the offer. Getting your song on twice would make it more noticed by the voters.


Maybe if our Government stopped taking money from the ABC budget they’d do a better job too!


It’s very impressive. There are a lot of rehearsals for the show which gives them a chance to iron out glitches.

Mauboy has performed the song on the Eurovision stage twice in full rehearsal and eight times in competition; speaking ahead of Sunday morning’s grand final the 28-year-old described it as “a magic moment”.

Eurovision requires four performances for each heat, including a “jury show” which is assessed by a professional jury and the live telecast, which is voted on by the TV audience. The two scores are then integrated to find the final result.


Hate to be that person but:

You have to think SBS, Blink TV and Sony are doing some serious soul searching and asking tough questions about a) How did things go spectacularly wrong for Australia (voting wise) considering the hype surrounding Jess entering the competition and b) Whether Australia should continue participating in the competition considering how poor their televote performance has been both last year and today

While there was a lot of strange and unexplainable things this year about voting results and that Australia didn’t deserve to be in 20th spot, it doesn’ change the ultimate result


Yeah it does raise some questions doesn’t it. The jury votes for Jess were way lower than they should have been, and the popular vote was an absolute joke. Any theories as to why both the juries and public have turned on us? Dami came 4th I think in the popular vote and blitzed the jury vote. Something’s not right here.
I would think it’s unlikely we’ll compete again. If Jess got the lowest public vote with that song and performance then something is definitely amiss and it’s probably not worth entering again.

Reminds me a bit of when Terry Wogan spat the dummy over it a few years ago. You’d have to think even the UK must consider pulling out. They can never win regardless of how good they were.
The Europeans are very, very vindictive when spurned…


Jess came 4th out of 18 songs in the semifinal, so it’s not that the juries and public turned on us. This year there were are a lot of strong songs and the jury voting was really weird this year in the final as it was completely different to the public voting. It would make us look like sore losers if we pulled out after one poor result when there are countries that have been participating for years with relatively poor results.

The song just wasn’t good enough this year and the staging could have been better. We just need to send a better song and style the stage better next year.


Nah I disagree. For her to come LAST in the public vote with that song and a flawless performance it means there’s something else at play - most likely the Europeans don’t want Australia there. If she’d come mid-field you could probably write it off as a quirk of Eurovision but to come 20th with that performance I think the message is clear.


If that was the case, why was she 4th in the semifinals?


was that public voting or jury + public?

But the semi-final has fewer songs and voting is restricted to just the countries that are taking part, so it is a smaller sample, whereas the grand final is open to all 43 countries to vote.