Eurovision Song Contest

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That’s certainly a good thing because the CGI was starting to become more impressive and detracting from the performances themselves, in some cases.


Yeah agree it was becoming a bit too much. In many cases it felt like you were watching a fully pre-recorded video clip rather than a live performance.

Looking forward to watching semi final 1 tonight.


Anyone else want to slap the stupid people from SBS who are talking over all the singing/hosts?


No but SBS has been copping a whack on social media for quietly ditching its own hashtag “#SBSEurovision” (which they’ve used for years) and instead just piggy backing off the generic “#Eurovision” and when displaying tweets on screen during the prime time broadcast it was found that they were then just plucking tweets from the #Eurovision hashtag and were from people in the UK, Canada and Europe and were tweeted hours earlier. (presumably when the show was actually happening)

I understand that perhaps SBS hasn’t got the $$$ to pay the boffins to work back at night to do real time tweets on screen, but It’s a bit disingenuous wanting to engage with your viewers in real time and then just snubbing them and give airtime to pre-rolling old tweets from random people overseas who have nothing to do with watching SBS.

People have complained that the “SBSEurovision” hashtag allowed them to follow Aussie conversations, and which were going on anyway but SBS was clearly not paying attention to it. I would have thought in branding terms it’s better to promote a hashtag with your own brand name in it.


I’m a bit annoyed that SBS doesn’t seem to have their Eurovision digital radio pop up station this year?


Gee I can’t stand that Israel song. Can’t work out why it’s one of the favourites. Quite liked Cyprus, Czech and Bulgaria. Based on Semi 1 I reckon Jess’s odds must be improving.


Not my favourite either but hilariously very Eurovision.

I thought Cyprus was the best song in this semi-final. I also liked Azerbaijan who I thought was also very Eurovision but unfortunately they didn’t make the Grand Final.


it is disappointing but I’ll just go to :stuck_out_tongue:


I thought semi final 1 was good overall and I thought the voting for acts that got though was almost spot on. Finland really stood out for me, I recognised the performer from UK X Factor (she was the runner up). I never liked her on that but it’s a great song and performance.

Israel is fun and an old school Eurovision stlye performance os I can see why it’s popular. I am doubting that it will win though regardless of what the odds say.

Wow that is annoying. There is no point showing posts and photos if it’s just a generic Eurovision hashtag. I have a Eurovision party at mine on Friday but I guess there is no hope of anything showing on the screen if they are just using the standard hashtag.


Given that the Twitterati have called them out on it they might have a change of tact by Friday night :stuck_out_tongue:

By the end of the prime time telecast last night the main SBS twitter account had taken to re-tweeting messages with the “SBSEurovision” hashtag so perhaps they decided not to fight the people


Semi final 1 was on at 5am and semi final 2 is on Friday morning at 5am. That Israel song is disgusting! :rofl: I know I am an older person BUT… I have watched (and early on) listened to Eurovision almost from the start, so I’m used to Euro garbage .:grinning: IMO the best song was Ireland but maybe I’m prejudiced as I came from there many, many years ago. I would say that Jessica, going on semi 1, is a much better singer and performer than most of those seen so far. She won’t win though, the politics will dictate the winner as usual. Dami should have won if it wasn’t for the politics. It’s a bit like TV ratings the best programs don’t always get the best ratings and the best song doesn’t always win Eurovision these days.


Best is subjective. Cyprus is the favourite to win and if they win, it’s not due to politics, their singer has a fantastic performance. And I much prefer Israel over the last two winners. In fact Ukraine’s winning song in 2016 is the worst selling winner since 2002.


Ukraine’s song is probably the worst winning song I’ve ever heard. Dami would have won had Russia not invaded Crimea. She really would have.


I actually think Jess could win, based on Semi 1 performances


I agree. It was the most impressive one in my eyes last night. Saw the videos before Eurovision and it wasn’t one that stood out but last night’s performance was standout.

Interesting background too. Eleni Foureira was born in Albania as Entela Fureraj. Her family escaped the civil war and she was raised in Greece. She is in a relationship with a Spanish footballer.

So she could get some big scores from Albania, Greece and Spain.


To be fair, Cyprus wold score 12 points from Greece if they put a grazing goat on stage…


I think they did, one year. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Naughty Dickie.


I don’t really see the issue in that he was only interviewing her, which doesn’t necessarily imply a “connection”, and he can’t vote for her in the contest


I agree. He can’t vote for his own country.