Drunk History Australia



Does anyone know why 10 has had this sitting on the shelf for so long? Doesn’t seem right.

The promo has me thinking it should have stayed on the shelf. Anne Edmonds is the only one who looks slightly funny.

Because it was a 10play exclusive? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Promo 2


Seems like a pilot week program.

It was a pilot week program from 2018.

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Settle In For An Intoxicating And Patriotic History Lesson

Comedians Recount Their Favourite Aussie Stories On Drunk History Australia. Coming Soon To 10

Drunk History Australia sees the country’s best-loved comedians retell their favourite stories from our rich and often surprising history, while sipping on their favourite tipple. The hilarious, skewed and anachronistically-challenged anecdotes are re-enacted by a comedy ensemble and some very unexpected faces.

Bringing these dusty tales to life are Stephen and Bernard Curry, Susie Youssef, Yvie Jones, Erin McNaught, Roxy Jacenko, Alex Nation, Osher Günsberg, James Mathison, Harley Breen we could go on but you should just watch the promo below.

Coming Soon To 10.

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Starts 9:30 Monday 14th September.

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I’m a bit surprised they didn’t give this the 8:30 Tuesday slot.

I guess they think it will do better off the back of HYBPA again, that and if it does well they may look to do another season in future and move it to another night in an 8:30 timeslot.


Drunk History Australia

Starts Monday, 14 September At 9.30pm On 10.**

Set The Date For A Different Kind Of History Lesson.

Telling a yarn to your mates after a few beverages is about as Australian as the Hills Hoist, Pavlova and Dame Edna combined, so of course we made a show about it!

Beginning on Monday, 14 September at 9.30pm, Drunk History Australia will see a bunch of liquored comedians retell some true blue Aussie stories – some very well-known and some you’ve never heard of - all the while re-enacted by the most popular and unexpected faces in the biz.

Think Alex Nation rapping to take the title of the first Miss Australia, Hughesy donning the baggy green to emulate the late, great Don Bradman, Erin McNaught pulling out a Dawn Fraser wig to steal a flag during the Tokyo Olympics and dynamic television hosting duo Osher Günsberg and James Mathison back together at last as explorers Burke and Wills.

Telling these tipsy tales are Joel Creasey, Harley Breen, Em Rusciano, Brendan Fevola and many, many more…

You’ll be laughing, you’ll be crying (of laughter) and you’ll be asking… ‘did that really happen?’

Why are 10 trying to make Nikki Osborne a thing? Looks dreadful.

She’s actually quite funny and underrated IMO.


Every episode has been added to 10 Play

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I don’t think that is new.

The episodes have actually been there since March. I checked a couple of weeks ago.

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Fair enough. Still new info to this thread, and timely for anyone who doesn’t want to wait to see one episode a week.

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It seems strange. Even stranger is tonight’s episode meant to be a new pilot?