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I’ve encountered these dicks a few times on the Eastern Freeway, obviously those behind the apps don’t care how food gets delivered.


I’m pretty certain those behind these delivery apps probably don’t care if the delivery driver lives or dies, let alone follows the road rules and road etiquette.


I’d have to wonder though, how far away are you getting food from that you’d be needing to route through there anyway?

I think for sure your food is arriving cold if it’s coming that far away on a bike.


That’sy immediate thought when I see those bikes more than a kilometre or so from a restaurant.

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Must be common - there is a camera on both sides with a phone number.


Looks to be one of the international (Asian) apps rather than the traditional Uber Eats or Menulog…

The latest Commonwealth investment will go towards the non-tolled components of the project, including the M80 Ring Road Upgrades, North East Link Connections and Eastern Freeway Upgrades packages of work.

(Sky News Australia)

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Much needed in the Clem7 tunnel in Brisbane

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I’ve owned many different cars but I’ll probably keep my current vehicle,my 2021 Mazda CX-3 for good,

I’d rather go with a well established vehicle manufacturer,ie.Mazda ,Toyota,and preferably a Japanese or Korean brand


I too prefer to own a Japanese or Korean car.

Whilst European cars are better to drive and have a better fit and finish, they are also generally more expensive to own and run. I think longer term, they are also less reliable.

I love driving my Mazda 6 sedan, the 2.5 turbo is a gem of an engine. The main drawback for me is the ageing infotainment system, the 7 inch screen is a bit small in this day and age and is not as crisp or clear as the newer ones. I bought my 2020 model 2nd hand two years ago, the only thing I would have changed is to have it in a wagon (but they are hard to find, I had to go to Canberra to buy mine as it is).


I had a fantastic run with a Hyundai for about 10 years, so cheap and amazing reliability. Loved it. But then I drove a Euro Focus on a trip to the UK and was just blown away by how it drove, the ride and handling was just so good. Since then I’ve had European cars and haven’t had any reliability issues, and just love how they drive (I’m talking sedans/hatches, not SUVs). I’ve driven recent Japanese cars (Mazda 3) and they’re almost there in terms of ride and handling, but still not quite just my opinion. I don’t think Toyota or Hyundai are quite as good as Mazda in that department though.


I’ve noticed there’s a lot of those MG small SUVs around and you can get them a lot cheaper than a Kia ,Hyundai or Mazda of a similar size,A friend recently bought a 2023 MG ZS small SUV for a lot less than I paid for my used Mazda CX-3(about 10 grand less before trade in price)
I just don’t trust these Chinese made vehicles and I wonder why they’re so much cheaper than similar sized Kia ,Hyundai or Mazda vehicles.Yes this friend bought a new car for a lot less but I’m still happy with my Mazda.
I don’t even mind the outdated touchscreen MAZ connect system as most times I have my iPhone plugged in and using Apple CarPlay for music,navigation,etc

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Does anyone have the official/legal rule/legislation, regarding who should give way to who (be it 2 or more lanes) after the stop line, on freeway on-ramps where ramp metering signals are active? Many believe it’s a drag race and just floor it!

Safety always comes to mind, both for myself, the driver around me and those in the left lane of the main carriageway, including if you’re needing to go from 0 to 100km/h within seconds.

A few Reddit threads, one of which took off and makes for some hilarious responses: :upside_down_face:




I’ve always believed, unless it has a “lane ends, merge right” or “added lane” or “form 2 lanes”, that it’s left-to-right (left lane queuing on the ramp gives way to the right to nudge forward first), in the same way that you give way when merging with a broken line, say a slip lane at at intersection. But I believe the ‘zip merge’ rule also comes into effect with freeways at least in Victoria, that is taking turns - one merges or the other slows to allow to merge, whoever is in front, common sense, but it doesn’t/can’t always work that way unfortunately.

It depends on what the lane marking is in the merge area - if there are no markings, it’s a zipper merge, and the vehicle in front has right of way, if there is lane marking, the left lane must give way to the right.


Yes that’s the rule. Although if the car on the left is well ahead it’s polite to let them in even if there is a lane marking.

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Thousands of Victorian drivers have been sent incorrect registration renewal notices that could lead to them driving unregistered vehicles.

VicRoads has undercharged approximately 180,000 Victorian motorists after registration renewal notices were sent out with the incorrect fees.

Invoices for registrations due in the first week of July incorrectly included the registration fees for the 2023-24 financial year, rather than the fee for 2024-25, which has increased by 3.4 per cent in line with inflation.

Motorists who diligently paid their registration renewals will have to be an additional fee to cover the increase in order for their vehicle to remain registered.

VicRoads blamed the incorrect renewal notices on a “one-off error”, which has only affected renewals on registrations that expire between July 1 and July 7.



A long article on the latest EVs

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