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The stuff near the end about data collection is similar to the stuff with TikTok - I see no reason to hold China to some massively higher standard on data collection than we do US companies. Facebook/Meta, Microsoft and Google grab absolutely enormous amounts of user data - and we are well behind the EU on regulating them.

GM in the US has already started onselling tracking data in their cars to insurers to let them change rates for drivers based on their habits, burying it in terms and conditions they know no one will read in order to drive a car…

While they didn’t reveal the model, there’s already been arrests in Singapore where the evidence was extracted from the car’s entertainment system to prove the offence.

We can either get serious about the massive issue that is the overwhelming excesses of corporate data collection, or just waive a “China bad” flag a bit and have the knee jerk reaction that the US has in imposing protectionist tariffs because their poorly built Teslas can’t compete.


The government allocated $318 million in Tuesday’s budget over the next three years to progress the development of the (Gympie Road Bypass) tunnel, which connects Brisbane’s northern suburbs Kedron and Carseldine.

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Sky News report

Auditor-General’s report

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Does anyone know how the major arterial upgrades/projects in Sydney, Brisbane and Perth are progressing, some have been underway since 2021?

M4 east and Western Distributor, Mitchell Fwy southbound and Bruce Hwy Stage 2 Pine River to Caloundra?

It was convenient for Transurban that CityLink was across two different major routes (the M2/Tulla Fwy and M1/Monash Fwy) both interchanging with the West Gate Fwy in Port Melbourne.

It ensured it was always going to be a major operation and eventually mega success. Transurban have also invested more money and projects into CityLink over the decades and remains the largest and highest volume road they operate. The company’s global headquarters also remain in Melbourne.

They now have the huge contentious West Gate Tunnel/Distributor (years delayed and over-budget) in conjunction with VicRoads/DoT, with even more decades of extra tolls coming their way, no doubt higher too. With no certain guarantee that it’ll take all those heavy commercial vehicles and traffic volumes off the West Gate and inner-west suburbs and funnel them underground to the freight areas of West Melbourne, Docklands and the ports and the Bolte Bridge. Not to mention the complete re-design of the West Gate itseelf west of the Bridge.

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M4 East was completed some time ago - Western Distributor works are ongoing (although they’ve changed to factor in some of the issues experienced with the Rozelle Interchange)

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Re the Bruce Highway, the section from Bribie Island Rd to Steve Irwin Way was recently completed to 3 lanes each way. No movement any further north as yet, it’s going to be a LONG time till it’s 3 lanes to Caloundra.

Actually they seem to have turned attention south of Bribie Island Rd again and are looking to 4 lane it each way from there to the Pine River bridge, and also put more collector lanes in. The big project to fix the interchange and connection to the Gateway Mwy has been delayed I believe, due to a big increase in the estimated cost.

Good news to the north though with the Gympie bypass due to open within months.


A Victorian community has been left outraged after the state government slashed more than a 1000 trees that are home to a colony of koalas along a country highway to make way for an overtaking lane.

As part of the Regional Roads Victoria, the state government has invested $8.25m to improve safety on the Strzelecki Highway — between Morwell and Mirboo North — which includes building an overtaking lane and a right turning lane onto Creamery Rd and is expected to be completed by mid 2025.

Retired Delburn farmer Graeme Wilson told the Herald Sun the “valuable wildlife corridor” was being destroyed. He said more than 80 large hollow berry trees about 100 years old were removed.

Department of Transport and Planning executive director for Gippsland Beth Liley said they were taking “every step possible” to minimise the environmental impacts of the vital upgrade and are working with the community to offset the removal of any vegetation.


There were reports earlier this month regarding the removal of trees for the highway expansion.



BREAKING: We will build a new Bribie Island Bridge if re-elected.

The proposed design includes two new lanes and a dedicated active transport path for bike riders, pedestrians and mobility devices. pic.twitter.com/fLs94VKUzF

— Steven Miles (@StevenJMiles) July 1, 2024

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Didn’t they plan to do this anyway?

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Qld Labor are clueless. The Bruce Highway is what Queenslanders want more money spent on, not yet another urban project in SEQ. They just don’t seem to get it. They’re gone in October I’d say.


^^ This.

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As someone who does commute over to the island frequently, a new bridge is needed badly, but do agree I’d rather have that money be spent on upgrading the Bruce.

Besides, the bridge project has been planned for decades, and they are only bringing it out now to try and help their election chances? They’re oblivious.


I also do think our Governments should be looking at building 2nd highways between state capitals and major satellite cities (Melbourne - Geelong, Sydney-Newcastle, Sydney-Wollongong, Brisbane - Gold Coast and Brisbane - Sunshine Coast).

All of these currently only really have one road between them, a second alternative is really needed in my opinion, we’ve all seen how quickly they turn into car parks at the mere hint of a bingle.

Sydney does have terrain challenges, but that can be overcome.

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The Queensland Government is building a new road roughly parallel to Pacific Motorway from the Logan Motorway junction to Coomera on the western side of Gold Coast. It’s called Coomera Connector. Last month’s state budget provided funding for construction of stage 1.

I do agree that a second highway needs to be built in the examples you have listed. Perhaps the easiest is between Geelong and Melbourne as the land is relatively vast and flat.

As for Sydney to Wollongong and Newcastle, it will need a series of tunnels due to the terrain and also the national parks the road will have to cross through.


The Queensland govt are building a second motorway between Gold Coast and Brisbane, as far as Loganholme anyway and connecting to the M6/M2 Logan Motorway.

They are also in the planning stages of an alternative route towards the Sunshine Coast running to the west of the Bruce Highway. I’m assuming it will link with the Steve Irwin Way at some point, which kind of provides a partial alternative now, albeit needing a major upgrade if it is to be a viable alternative in the long run.

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I’m not convinced that the cost of building secondary (or tertiary) links between these locations, especially Sydney and Newcastle/Wollongong is warranted given the high cost and limited benefit.

In NSW, they’re better off fixing the section between the Hawkesbury River and Mt White northbound, building the missing link from the Orbital network to the M1 southbound at Waterfall, and improving the section from Picton Road to UoW.


Gotta say, I’m getting pretty sick of reading the same headline pretty much daily. When is the government going to do something about this? The Bruce Highway has to be the deadliest highway in the country.

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Yes I believe it is the deadliest.

It’s time to spend some big money to duplicate sections of it. Particularly Gympie to Maryborough is urgent and will only get worse once the Gympie bypass is finished later this year.

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