Doctor Doctor


Even the cast can’t believe how stupid Nine have been with that spoiler promo. Why not build up expectation about who may die rather than giving away so much?


If your a regular viewer it is not a surprise anyway, amazed the character survived all of last season in which his illnesses were major part of the storylines.


Maybe they are trying to attract a new audience and hook them with an inciting incident to reintroduce the Doctor to the bush. Hopefully they give it a massive marketing push. It might need it if existing regular viewers are alienated because of the spoiler.


Its like how Ten years ago previously advertised weeks in advance that Marissa from The OC was going to die.


Doctor Doctor returns on Monday 6 August at 8.45pm

This year everything changes and life is about to get a whole lot more complicated for resident bad boy Dr Hugh Knight (Rodger Corser). With his year of exile in rural Whyhope finally over, Hugh’s plans to return to his high-flying city lifestyle are thrown into chaos by a triple threat of family tragedy, financial woes and loves-gone-wrong.

Strap in as Hugh makes every mistake possible while he strives to reunite his feuding brothers, save his family farm and find love – all while trapped in a town he can’t wait to escape from.

An outstanding cast returns for series three: Rodger Corser (Hugh), Nicole da Silva (Charlie), Steve Bisley (Jim), Ryan Johnson (Matt), Tina Bursill (Meryl), Hayley McElhinney (Penny), Matt Castley (Ajax), Chloe Bayliss (Hayley), Charles Wu (Ken), Belinda Bromilow (Betty) and Brittany Clark (Mia).

Doctor Doctor guest stars Vince Colosimo (Underbelly, Schapelle), who will play Charlie’s (da Silva) long-lost father, and TV Week Logie Award-winning Miranda Tapsell (Love Child, The Sapphires) who plays an old school friend of the Knight brothers. Don Hany (Underbelly, East West 101, Offspring), Andrea Demetriades (Crownies, Janet King, Pulse) and Matt Okine (The Other Guy) will also join the cast.

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I hope people watch. It is a great show, even if the promo has given a lot away.


Nine announced at this afternoon’s upfronts that the show had been renewed for a fourth season next year.



Great announcement. I hope now she has had the baby, we see more of Nicole Da Silva in season four. I would like to see Hugh and Charlie end up together, Matt stay with Miranda Tapsell’s character and Penny end up with Don Hany’s.


Nicole had her baby 3 months ago.


Yes if you watch the show you must know the character’s marriage is on the brink of collapse and could very well result in the character leaving the family unit. I know the actress has given birth and can work.


Rodger is now ripped.