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If you want to hear more Australian country, you could stream Kix Country (available on DAB+ in Canberra, Perth and Darwin, they have way fewer commercials than TripleM Country) or ABC Country (on DAB+ in all capitals).


Crocmedia’s Super Bowl coverage will also air on Macquarie’s NTS digital station in Sydney, Brisbane and Perth.

Bit of a blow for de-facto commercial station SportFM, which has taken SEN and Crocmedia content in the past. Surprised this isn’t airing on Macquarie Sports Radio though.


It’s because MSR is broadcasting the second cricket test between Australia and Sri Lanka, at the same time as Super Bowl.


Some of the regular readers of this forum may recall the 2nd display issue I had with my Bush BR320DABC digital radio with a switch-on of the radio at the power point causing the display just to show only WHITE light across the whole screen & despite leaving the radio unplugged for minutes, hours & a day or so - nothing worked at restoring the display.

Well I recently had the radio unplugged from the mains for over a week & to my very welcome surprise the display restored itself! I wonder if there is a large internal memory supercap that is involved that takes ages to discharge before a power up reset can take effect or if a self healing fuse is involved? I know not.

Anyway I make this post in case others with this same radio encounter the same problem & benefit from my experience.


Another Zig Sydney update…

89.9 Light FM Melbourne playing for the last week(with pretty bad audio quality)…

And still running Joy FM program info…


Yes, what’s the point when Hope 103.2 is virtually a Sydney equivalent to Light FM?

At least JOY was something that wasn’t catered for in Sydney.


I can’t fathom the reason for Zed/Zig Digital. Is it a practical joke to remind Sydneysiders of Melbourne’s cultural superiority? With the Mardi Gras coming up, I daresay the feed will switch to Joy 949 in the near future.

If the person(s) behind Zig happen to be reading this- could you please put on 3PBS next?


Everyone excited - err excremented - to hear MMM Aussie tomorrow? :blush:


Yeah I’ll get the barbie and the southern cross face paint ready :slight_smile:


Zed/Zig might be jointly run by the Melbourne community broadcasters in a subtle attempt to get Sydneysiders visiting the Victorian capital? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

This probably won’t ever happen but I’d personally like to see the temporary broadcasts on Sydney FM (most notably AFTRS/Show Radio, Voice of Islam & 2CR) allowed to use that slice of DAB+ bandwidth.


If I hear it then it means I’ve forgotten to turn my alarm off. I hope they play Cold Chisel.


Bets on Chisel being first artist?


Whose spectrum are they using?


If SCA has anyway Kilobytes Left, Modern Digital will stay.


They don’t. It’s replacing Modern Digital.

Website up already:


TBH, I’m actually surprised that Triple M even extended Modern Digital to all metro markets. Isn’t a “Modern Rock” music format basically what the East Coast Triple M metro stations are running whenever they’re not airing talk, sport or comedy?


They’re running a “Rock’s Greatest Hits” positioned music log. It’s quite classic heavy, save the occasional newer track from the likes of Gang of Youths or Greta Van Fleet (for the 900th time).


I’ll be interested to hear what it’s like.


Well I’ve written to Nova Entertainment about Launching an Alternative Rock Station Anyway Since they’ve got so many Kilobytes to Fit Two More Digital Stations.


They do? Isn’t their full spectrum used with Nova, smooth and Coles (with Koffee in some markets)?