Digital Radio


Same - I can hear those songs in my head already


They should just call it Triple M Bogan Digital.


But I’m also hoping that they will play some of the other Aussie rock artists that don’t get played on FM much… Spy Vs Spy, Machinations, Painters And Dockers, The Mavis’s, Chocolate Starfish


Thanks for the heads up. I hope it’s like how Aussie was but I don’t have too much confidence, will still have a listen though.


Wouldn’t that just be normal Triple M? :stuck_out_tongue:


Sadly. Back to Absolute Radio it is


Yes I hope so and I’m sure they will, but I won’t be able to tolerate the Barnesy and Chisel in between. It’ll be a ratio of 6 over flogged songs to 1 interesting song.


Save Modern Digital, Save Modern Digital!


Greatest Hits will likely go seeing the M’s new positioner is “Rocks Greatest Hits”.

May be confusing given the format is different on digital and FM.


Christmas Hope is still pumping out the Christmas tunes in Sydney. I wonder when it be turned off? It be better if it was replaced with hopes other channel Fresh.


Hope should have shutdown Christmas Hope on 6th January, as that is when the church’s Christmas season ends . Maybe they forgot!


Agree, that’s when I want to see Christmas lights off and council street decorations down on the next business day thereafter!

This business is milking Christmas far more than what it should be, until Australia Day, really?

Hope have a wide range of digital/online choices which you can view + stream Christmas Hope online:


I never quite got the whole wanting to listen, see or be around Christmas things past Dec 25 let alone be it in January.


Sydney’s Christmas Hope still running.


Hope-less (I wish we were).


Triple m country is the best radio station in Australia.
Could more AUSTRALIAN singers eg. JOHN WILLIAMSON be heard?
John Harris


I agree, I thought I was there only fan. It’s a great station, I have started listening to it everywhere and steaming it if I’m outside a DAB area. Would be great if they put on some live announcers.


Welcome @John_Harris. Thanks for joining us here.

I agree with you. Country as you know has many sub? genres within its genre. It seems they’re targeting the
“bro country” fad that is currently big and getting crossover to general hit radio.


Hey just a random question does anyone have any video of triple m classic rock digitals 2013 put to air launch or there programed to put air kiss pop up DAB+ radio music log station be fascinated to know if so.


Sorry i was meant to say audio oops