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Discussion of DAB+ digital radio. Continuation of Digital Radio. thread.

Was there any devices available locally that had the capacity for a memory card? I seem to recall that there was, but then my brain could be playing tricks on me. Again.

Are there any Android apps to receive Australian DAB+ and or any USB based modules that work with Android?

I don’t think so, as I’ve looked for those…as for Android apps, your best bet is the streaming apps, as I’m sure nearly all of them stream anyway.

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The DAB+ chip is now non exclusive. All that’s needed is someone to commission an app developer to write it.

Staying in Yass on 1 - 2 January.

A few motels to choose from:

Hi-Way motel the choice as A, only a stopover where you need a reliably clean room and B, highest in town with good takeoff towards Black Mountain, so good outdoor coverage of Canbera’s DAB+ trial.

With a basic, small portable radio within a car, DAB+ is received on both sides of the Yass River, save for the commercial centre of Comur St (main through street) which is at the bottom of the valley.

Has anyone noticed how Android Auto and Apple Car Play are getting into new cars a lot quicker than Digital Radio? Digital radio in cars is making some inroads in Fords, Mitsubishi and Nissans but overall the car manufacturers seem to be really pushing the phone app links. If I was the Australian radio industry I’d be very worried. People are likely to use these apps to play international stations, Pandora, Spotify etc and will start to drift away from radio unless the industry can get DAB into cars very quickly.

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I have to say that doesn’t surprise me re in car entertainment.

Same goes for digital music players vs DAB+ radios… ie. there would be a much higher % of the population in metro areas have fixed or portable digital music players than have fixed/portable digital radios (which are also useless outside the capital cities).

Still, there’s nothing to stop listeners from using Bluetooth in the car to stream a digital only radio station via their phone (in lieu of DAB+) as it is now.

I’ve tried to get digital radio in Yass, but I didn’t have much luck.

I know JB Hifi had a deal on Sony(???) car radios with DAB capabilities…don’t know if there are many left. I would’ve loved to get one for my car.

This - been available for several years at least in that Factory Scoop section, can’t see them running out of stock anytime soon.

Ahhhh…the Sports Direct method of selling stuff.

Why would you push a format that is only available in a handful of markets and no guarantee that any expansion will occur and if it does whether they will retain the existing format or go to something else

That’s a good point. I mean, I’d love to have DAB up and down dale wherever I travel, but it doesn’t help when the industry and government drag their feet on these things. The car industry needs some sort of certainty, along with anyone else making DAB devices - can’t say I blame them for holding back until a standard across all areas is mandated.

One of the 4IP jingles that are currently being played on 4TAB 2 has been bugging me. I couldn’t work out what it was until I heard it again today. I’m pretty sure it is “1008 7EX”. Not sure if it is intentional or a mistake. 7EX had similar imaging to 4IP when it was a commercial music station but is now a TAB station.

Yes it’s odd that they would use a 7EX jingle given there is no TAB digital radio service in Tasmania, nor Adelaide or Perth even (since they are HPON services, not commercial stations).

It is a jingle from the same package that 4IP was using - perhaps they were all one the one tape.

i have the JVC KD-DB56 with the optional bluetooth addon and have had no issues with it anymore.

had an issue with my first one where it stopped getting DAB after 6 months but i got it swapped over and now been going almost 2 years no problems.

the only reason i’m looking at upgrading now is i want something with inbuilt bluetooth.

I have now noticed a couple more slip through for 7EX. They are all from the same package as the 10-0h-8 one as there was a 10-10 version as well. All a bit strange.

Also heard a 7HD rocks Hobart jingle during the week

You mean 7HT?

You must have 7 broadcasting in HD on your mind… :smile:

That is plausible given the 1080 AM frequency in Hobart that is now Tote Radio was 7HT.