Digital Radio


I’ll go for AC/DC, probably Thunderstruck considering it’s right up there with Khe Sanh for the Bogan’s national anthem.

“Great Southern Land” would also be a good bet.


I was thinking the stock standard New Sensation.


I’m more surprised that there’s not “Triple M Feel Good” replacing Greatest Hits.

Either way, presumably Greatest Hits is now the major overlap with the main MMM format, so I would assume that it will be the target for the next new format.

Nova don’t have spare capacity - NovaNation would still be on DAB if they did.


Now there’s a station which I’m surprised Nova haven’t replaced yet! Surely the “chill out” format of Koffee overlaps with Smooth to at least some degree?

Either way it still seems a bit odd how they allocate a whopping 112kbps to Nova with Smooth at 64kbps + Coles & Koffee at 40kbps each in Sydney and presumably, also Melbourne. Not sure why it isn’t 64kbps for the lot (or even 88kbps each for Nova & Smooth + 40kbps for Coles & Koffee), but there you go.

TBH, it would not overly surprise me if that actually happened sometime in the next 6-12 months.


I’m surprised Koffee is still a standalone brand - something like Nova Chilled to go up against Buddha Hits would fit their overall brand direction without taking too much away from smooth.


Bug Mistake Triple M are doing with the Modern Digital when it should be Greatest Hits Digital getting the axe instead.


Yeah I agree. I’m surprised Koffee is still around too. What they should do is launch Smooth Extra like they have in the UK, or better still Smooth Soul. In the UK Magic has Magic Soul and apparently it’s a pretty successful DAB niche.


Lowest Triple M branded station in all markets it airs, lowest station overall in Adelaide and Melbourne, equal lowest in Sydney.

Modern Digital is a good idea, the execution was terrible, the current format is dreadful and no one is listening. Greatest Hits is doing far better.


Maybe they have worked out how bad the format is :stuck_out_tongue:


Last Song to be Played on Modern Digital is… Tomorrow Wendy by Andy Prieboy featuring Johnette Napolitano, I’ll Miss Modern Digital very much!!!


Vale Triple M Modern Digital.

New short program label is MMM AUS


…and just for the record, the first song to be played on Triple M Aussie Digital was Love In Motion by Icehouse.

Station was (re)launched as if they were going into another hour of music! :confused:


In Perth they’ve added MMM Aussie and MMM Country, both new, along with MMM Classic Hits.

Downside is they’ve cut the bitrates of ALL SCA digital only stations (HIT and MMM) to 32Kbps, and 92.9 and 94.5 to 48Kbps.

Sounds terrible.

Edit: although it says MMM Aussie, it’s still MMM Modern Digital until I assume midnight Perth time.


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Something I noticed in Melbourne is that they also added the station as just ‘AUSSIE’ - which is how the former ‘Aussie Digital’ from Pacific Star was listed.

It’s just another pointer to the same audio stream, but means people looking for the old station might find the Triple M one instead, though I don’t think any radios are stupid enough to treat it as the same station.

Which I’m fairly sure means every Perth commercial station is now 48kbps or under. Such a shame considering just a few years back 96fm was at a full 128kbps with decent music programming…


Enjoying Aussie so far, they are playing some non safe tracks which is good and some new music also. Need to keep the spectrum wide


Currently playing Current Stand from Kids In The Kitchen! :open_mouth:


Second that. Time to contact the CBAA and those Sydney community licensees on digital to request this. Could be beneficial to them too.

New Aus music quota filler, hence the endless flogging on MMM.

Indeed. Amazing with all we hear of pill testing and the associated festivals that must turn a profit that Nova couldn’t monetise Nova Nation. Wiki lists Nova Nation ending online mid 2016.

Yes, I don’t understand this either. They’re the bitrates across Syd and Melb, Bris is different due to the number of Coles Radio stations that are aired.

Perhaps Nova at 112kbps demonstrates what a higher bitrate can sound like e.g 2CH with 120kbps.

Agree. Does anyone at Nova have this level of inclination to implement it?

Released 1990? How is that modern?

Thanks for the Perth updates. Terrible that they’ve shoehorned additional stations in thereby sacrificing bitrate.

Typical. It’s been a long time now, quite desperate by SCA.

Not good at all.


Yep. Noongar Radio and Inspire Digital are 64kbps and higher than any commercial station.

Here’s the list as of today, 26 Jan 2019:

1080 6iX Digital   48       Stereo
6EBA World Radio   32       Mono
6PR                48       Stereo
96FM               32       Stereo
ABC Classic        80       Stereo
ABC Jazz           80       Stereo
ABC KIDS listen    72       Stereo
ABC PERTH          64       Stereo
ABC Country        80       Stereo
ABC Grandstand     40       Mono
ABCNewsRadio       48       Mono
ABCRadioNational   64       Stereo
SBS Arabic24       48       Stereo
BUDDHA HITS        32       Stereo
Capital Digital    48       Stereo
Coles Radio        32       Stereo
Curtin DiGital     48       Stereo
Double J           80       Stereo
EASY HITS          32       Stereo
hit92.9!           48       Stereo
Inspire Digital    64       Stereo
Kinderling Kids    32       Stereo
KIX Country        32       Stereo
Macquarie Sports   48       Stereo
mix94.5            48       Stereo
MMM AUSSIE         32       Stereo
MMM CLASSIC ROCK   32       Stereo
MMM COUNTRY        32       Stereo
My Perth Digital   48       Stereo
Noongar Radio      64       Stereo
Nova 937           48       Stereo
News Talk Sport    32       Stereo
OLDSKOOL HITS      32       Stereo
SBS PopAsia        72       Stereo
SBS PopDesi        64       Stereo
RTRFM 92.1         48       Stereo
SBS Radio 1        40       Stereo
SBS Radio 2        40       Stereo
SBS Radio 3        48       Stereo
SBS Chill          72       Stereo
Smooth FM          48       Stereo
The Edge           32       Stereo
The 90s            32       Stereo
triple j           80       Stereo
triplejUnearthed   72       Stereo
URBAN HITS         32       Stereo
Vision Aus Radio   32       Stereo
X Digital          32       Stereo


There’s just no vision or planning around digital formats here. In Perth we have 3 country stations all competing for one niche, 2 ‘chill’ stations, 2 ‘urban’ stations, 3 adult easy listening stations (3, even 4 if you include 94.5 and 96fm), 2 ‘old school’ stations.

Why are operators copying each other, instead of providing a wider variety to attract people? Getting people to even listen to DAB is an uphill battle at best, but providing poor sounding clones of themselves isn’t helping.